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MSI Radeon R9 270X ITX Review

MSI's latest AMD ITX Graphics Card gets put under the spotlight.

The results between the two cards are very similar, however overall the ITX is a little slower than its full size relation.  Firing up GPU-Z to check the technical makeup of each card identified the cause of the discrepancy. 

I had noticed whilst unboxing the ITX that it was rated as an OC model therefore whilst choosing the opponent in the CCL warehouse I chose a OC full size card assuming that the both cards would be set up the same, both being MSI OC however my assumptions have been incorrect.  Whilst the Chipset, RAM and RAM speeds were identical there was a small difference in the Boost Clock Speed on each card.

The boost clock is kind of an automatic overclocking feature, when the card detects it needs a bit more oomph the card boosts into the higher clock speed.  These cards have 3 different profiles OC, Gaming and Silent.  I used the stock drivers without any MSI applications running and this resulted in a default profile of Gaming.  Both cards on the Gaming Profile have a standard clock of 1030MHz the ITX card has a boost clock of 1070MHz where as the Standard card has a boost clock of 1080MHz!

I’m certain that this small amount of difference in the boost clock will have affected the results just enough to drop the score of the tests I ran.

This mini review on the MSI R9 270X ITX has been my very first foray into the world of AMD Radeon Graphics, personally I have always used NVIDIA cards in my builds (or 3Dfx if you go back that far ;-) Upon opening the box I really wanted to like this card, I loved the form factor and the build quality, however I did have my reservations that they might not have managed to squeeze a fully performing graphics card into the tiny PCB.  But I was proved wrong the card does exactly what it says on the tin! It would be ideal for use in building a mini gaming PC and I very much intend to do just that.  I’ve already purchased an Elite 110 Case and I have a feeling that my next acquisition will be one of these beauties (unless anything new comes from camp green in the very near future)

If you’re looking for a mini ITX gaming graphics card that doesn’t cost the earth then this R9 270X from MSI might be just the ticket.

Thanks for reading, and please check back soon for more mini reviews and features.