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MSI Radeon R9 270X ITX Review

MSI's latest AMD ITX Graphics Card gets put under the spotlight.

Extreme Settings
R9 270X – FPS 44.5, Score 1862, MinFPS 23.4, MaxFPS 81.3
R9 270X ITX – FPS 44.1, Score 1846, MinFPS 24.1, MaxFPS 80.9

Extreme HD Settings
R9 270X – FPS 33.7, Score 1410, MinFPS 18.6 , MaxFPS 62.8
R9 270X ITX – FPS 33.5, Score 1401, MinFPS 18.7, MaxFPS 62.4

As with the 3D Mark results there is very little difference between the two cards, just a score of 16 on the Extreme settings and just a score of 9 separating the two on the Extreme HD settings.
Let take a look now on the temperatures that the card run when on idle and on load.  To test the load I’m using Furmark and for the Idle I’m just using the empty Windows 8.1 desktop

Idle – Windows Desktop
R9 270X – 28 degree C
R9 270X ITX – 32 degree C

Under Load – Highest Temp during Full HD Burn-in Benchmark 15mins FurMark with renamed .exe
R9 270X – FPSmin 41 FPSmax 43 Frames 37490 84 degrees Score 3778, 49% fan
R9 270X ITX - FPSmin 28 FPSmax 41 Frames 37071 84 degrees Score 3736, 59% fan

After each test, I waited until the Graphics Card Temp, was back at 28 degree C idle. The ITX took slightly longer on average to cool that the standard card, the idle was also a bit higher than the standard but this few degree could be partially explained by a slightly higher ambient temp when testing the ITX card.