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CCL Look at the Vertex 460 240GB SSD

Is this latest drive from OCZ worth looking at? We certainly think so, find out more within!

Priced at around £150.00 the 240GB OCZ Vertex 460 is towards the higher end of the SSD pricing at the moment, with drives such as the popular Kingston V300 240GB being available for around £90.

Featuring OCZ’s own Barefoot 3 M10 controller and Toshiba NAND there certainly are the ingredients to make a good drive, one that hopefully fixes the complaints some users have had on the previous generations of OCZ SSD drives.

In recent months it has been hard to miss the news that OCZ went bankrupt, even at CCL we reported briefly on the unfortunate news. It came as a shock that one of the biggest names in enthusiast computing, loved by gamers and geeks the world over could be gone. However Toshiba stepped up and acquired the SSD division, almost a perfect fit to complement its production of the NAND chips that go into the SSD drives. With Toshiba able to supply high grade NAND it should make the process of future product development and support as quick and painless as possible. With the certainty on being able to use NAND from Toshiba and making their own high quality controllers OCZ should be able to massively improve reliability compared to previous generations of drives, the early indicators are certainly promising from the drives CCL has sold so far.

OCZ have been re-named to OCZ Storage Solutions and are a separate entity under the Toshiba group so they will be known as OCZ for at least a little longer.

The 240GB version of the Vertex 460 has impressive specifications thanks to the 19nm Toshiba NAND and Barefoot 3 M10 controller:
• Sequential Read: 540MB/s
• Sequential Write: 525MB/s
• Random Read Speed (4K): 85,000 IOPS
• Random Write Speed (4K): 90,000 IOPS
• Steady-state Random Write (4K): 21,000 IOPS
• TRIM Support and Idle Time Garbage Collection

The warranty on the Vertex 460 is a competitive 3 Years at 20GB writes a day. This compares favourably against most of the competition, however Sandisk now offer a 5 Year unlimited usage warranty on similar drives which would be nice to see OCZ offering in the future.

The Vertex 460 240GB ships in a small black box similar to previous OCZ designs.



The retail package also includes an “I love my SSD” sticker, 2.5” to 3.5”adapter and the screws to mount the drive. Acronis True Image HD cloning software is also included to easily allow you to upgrade an existing PC or laptop to the SSD.




The Vertex 460 is a very attractive drive that is physically very well made and with a good weight to it. While the metal chassis no doubt aids durability and the feeling that this is a quality product I can’t help but think that for installation into a laptop a lighter plastic case might be preferable. However for enthusiasts installing this drive into a desktop PC I have nothing but praise for the quality of the Vertex 460’s design.





There have been dozens of reviews done across the web singing the OCZ Vertex 460’s praises so I will spare you from an endless list of benchmarks and outline how the Vertex 460 stacks up against its peers for day to day user experience. If you wish to viewthe raw numbers both Anandtech and KitGuru have excellent reviews that I would recommend.

The review numbers suggest that against drives such as the Samsung 840 Evo, Kingston HyperX 3K and Sandisk Extreme/X110 drives it does not stand out in any one area, being very competitive but never quite the quickest.

In real world usage this difference in performance is never noticeable, loading office programs, web browsers and files is as quick and snappy as any of its competition. When running multiplayer games you are always one of the first loaded on a map change and are never left consciously wanting for more performance.

The pricing on the OCZ Vertex 460 at the time of writing is slightly higher than some comparable drives, making it difficult to recommend people run out and buy right now. It has been quite hard to get hold of the Vertex 460 drives in the past month due to high demand for the drives from OCZ fans and also limited supply with the Toshiba and OCZ relationship just getting started.
When it comes down to it, the Vertex 460 when priced similarly to the Samsung, Kingston and Sandisk alternatives is a very good drive and well worth you taking a look. Once supply improves it is highly likely this drive will become cheaper and could well become something of a performance bargain.

I for one will be keeping a close eye on the Vertex 460 and OCZ’s new product releases in the coming months, with the ability of this drive as a potential indicator of OCZ’s fortune in the future and the backing of the mighty Toshiba I can only see OCZ releasing more high quality, reliable and industry leading drives in the coming months.