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Kickstart Corner : Koe - A JRPG that helps to teach Japanese

Another Kickstarter that I feel should be a worthwhile


You may be asking what Koe is. Hopefully this post will do enough to give you that information as well as sway you into putting some money in to help fund it.

Koe is a JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) that is currently up to be funded on Kickstarter and yes this may not seem like anything different to someone trying to fund their own game. Koe offers a slightly different mechanic to the gameplay, as it hopes to help teach you Japanese. Rather than bombarding you with flashcards and phrases, the developer has housed all of this in something that you will hopefully find enjoyable. Above all else the developer has said he is putting gameplay first!

The game features a turn based battle system akin to Final Fantasy and Pokemon. The method of battling differs however, to help you learn the language, you attack by using collected words (obtained from chests and drops from monsters) these words become your moves, and combining them to make sentences makes for better moves.

What you will learn

The Japanese syllabaries, Hiragana (????) and Katakana (????) so you will be able to read basic Japanese.
Kanji (??) and their readings, as well as their use in words and sentences.

Japanese words. This will include nouns, verbs as well as some basic conjunctions. Most of these would be words you would find in everyday life, such as words for various food, animals, transport, locations, directions, etc.

Japanese phrases. This will include introducing yourself, various ways to end a conversation, asking for items and will cover conversational language.


Currently the Kickstarter sits almost one third funded, with the creator looking to raise £35,000. The game if funded is expected to be released June 2015 and it with 31 days to go, I expect that it will meet its funding goal.