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CM Storm Quick Fire Ultimate - Review

Is this the ultimate gaming keyboard ?



I sit here with another Cooler Master keyboard in front of me to test. No, not the Quickfire Rapid that I said would be the next one, but a Quick Fire Ultimate. The version I have sports Cherry MX Brown switches -Yay!- and a red backlight.

I say Yay, as Cherry MX Browns are one of my favourite switch types – at least in mainstream keyboard switch types.


About CM Storm.

Owning the PC trenches for almost two decades, Cooler Master’s veterans present their scars from battles past as claims of triumph over the competition. United with a new generation of eSports athletes and engineers, now marching under the flag of CM Storm, the time has come to reveal truly ground-breaking, military grade hardware for the gaming revolution.

Through long-standing research programs, CM Storm is co-developed with the world’s most prolific enthusiasts and eSports prodigies. Thanks to intensive testing and continuous feedback, the CM Storm division has been able to encompass and improve upon gamers’ needs and their tough to handle scenarios.

By working directly with the gaming community we have injected our Storm Tactics into each and every product we make. Storm Tactics, with a heavily dedicated focus on Strength, Security and Control, will keep your most vital gear fortified and well-tuned at all times.



• Mechanical CHERRY MX switches with a lifespan of over 50 million key presses
• Full LED backlight, with 3 modes and 5 brightness levels
• NKRO over USB for unlimited simultaneous keystrokes
• Embedded steel plate for maximum stability and durability
• Super Grip pads and Keyboard stand-offs with rubber feet
• Windows keys can be disabled
• 7 easy-access multimedia shortcuts
• Detachable braided USB cable and cable routing groves at the underside of the keyboard

Full Specs

Product Number             

SGK-4011-GKCM1 (Brown switch/Red backlight)

Key Switch

Cherry MX Brown


ABS, grip coated, removable

Keycap Puller

Yes, ring-puller


All keys, Red, 5 Levels, 3 Modes

Key Rollover

NKRO (windows only)

Polling Rate

1000 Hz /1 ms


USB 2.0 full speed

USB cable

1.8m, braided, gold plated, removable


454(L)*155(W)*31(H) mm

17.9(L)*6.1(W)*1.2(H) inch


1380 g / 3.04 lbs

Packaging and the Product

If you have read my previous CM Storm Quick Fire XT review -you have, haven’t you?- then the box will probably have you experiening a feeling of Deja Vu as it is almost exactly the same. Once again the front of the box shows the type of switches fitted to the keyboard.


The rear shows information about the specifications and features in multiple languages.


Inside the familiar box, the keyboard is once again protected by a foam bag, additionally though; the Quickfire Ultimate comes with a protective plastic cover which can also double as a dust cover when the keyboard is not in use.

Unlike the Quickfire XT, you do not appear to get any replacement keycaps, or at least the one I received didn’t, you do get a keycap puller though and a rather hefty braided USB cable to go along with it which feels far better than the one provided with the XT, the cable is a more common cable as it is a Mini B to A cable.


Upon getting the keyboard out of the box you can see that the Quickfire Ultimate certainly has taken a different road when it comes to styling, with it sporting a more military-esque look overall, with sharp lines and ridges which mimic rail mounts incorporated into the design.

One thing to note is that the Quickfire Ultimate has lots of branding - at least on our sample - and has the CM Storm Logo 4 times on the keyboard in various guises as well as Quick Fire stamped across the space bar. This to me is a little dissapointing as I like more reserved designs.



Underneath the Quickfire Ultimate, you can see where the mini USB fits, as well as the various cable routing options that are provided.

One thing I noticed getting the keyboard out of the box is the different feel to the keyboard which is substantial compared to the XT, it does feel robust but slightly less so than the XT. Although this is to be expected in some part as the increased features will have taken up some part of the material costs, more so features such as the individually backlit keys.

Speaking of the keys the Trigger Ultimate differs slightly to other keyboards as the keycaps have a grippy surface to them, which Cooler Master say will help to reduce wearing - which we will have to take their word on.



Luckily the switches we have here are of the Cherry MX Brown variety - my favourite. These keys have a lightweight feel and a notch in the actuation which means that they are a good fit for gaming and typing. As you get used to the lightness your typing should become quieter, this also means that they should be okay in an open office environment.

The Quickfire Ultimate is also fully backlit and comes with 3 modes, and it has 5 brightness levels for each mode.