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How the Saints Save Christmas - Saints Row IV DLC Review

It's Christmas, so why not sit back and relax while reading Dan's latest review



I’d not normally review DLC, but it’s Christmas and I couldn’t resist talking about How the Saints Save Christmas, a newly released DLC pack for Saints Row IV.

A surprise visit from a version of Shaundi from an alternate future has the Saints tasked with rescuing Santa Claus from Zinyak’s simulation and preventing him from being corrupted into the evil Clawz, a Christmas themed tyrant who enslaves others and turns them into gingerbread men.

Yeah, that’s actually the premise. Good old Saints Row, don’t ever change! The previous DLC for Saints Row IV was kind of a disjointed mess. It had its moments, but as it was essentially cut content from the original version of the game didn’t really hold together very well. How the Saints Save Christmas thankfully is a much stronger offering with an actual storyline running through it.

You visit another 50s era town like the main game as well as Santa’s workshop at the North Pole before returning to the virtual Steelport for the end of the story. The North Pole area in particular is quite a substantial new area, a large open snowy zone filled with snowmen, gags, evil gingerbread men, and murderous robot reindeer.

As is to be expected there are jokes a-plenty, and I particularly liked how the Boss just didn’t seem to understand Christmas references such as getting called a Grinch and so on.

There are also a half dozen extra events across two new diversions, a Christmas themed version of the existing Genki events already in the game and one that has you delivering presents to houses on the good list and bombing houses on the naughty list. These are quite fun but a lot easier than the events from the main game, a single play through of each was all that we needed to get a gold medal for each one.


There aren’t any real gameplay changes from the DLC, aside from the missions you get some mostly cosmetic additions with a few Christmas themed weapons, outfits and so on. Unlike most of the previous DLC thankfully you get to use your superpowers for the majority of this one.
It wouldn’t be a Saints Row release without some fairly major bugs however. The first mission of the game glitched on us twice, causing us to have to restart the mission as we were being given an enemy target somewhere below the level that we couldn’t get to. The developers are apparently working on a fix for this, and at least it doesn’t happen every time or we’d not have gotten past the mission but it’s sad to see that this is somewhat normal for any new Saints game. We also had a less game breaking but more amusing glitch where my character didn’t pick up a box at a point where we were supposed to hide in them, meaning he was just crouching around next to Dave who was hidden in a box correctly.

At a little over 2 hours gameplay it’s not the most substantial DLC ever released, but it is certainly a load of fun. The only real downside to it is that it’s possible the last content Saints Row IV will get, which is a real shame because it’s been a blast.
Oh, and they also show the best Christmas film ever some love.