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Steam Christmas sale underway

Your wallet will never feel the same again....


Yes it's that time of the year again! The Steam Winter has gotten underway, and will run until January the 3rd. As is normal you can expect hefty price cuts on games that run throughout the length of the sale.

Todays deals include some fairly new releases like Batman Arkham Origins, and while they don't have large discounts they are still good deals, the daily deals refresh at 6pm and there are the usual rolling flash sales and community choice sales, which allow you to vote on the next deal that pops up.



As is seemingly common now you have the chance of earning special Snowglobe trading cards, these cards can be earned by spending $10 in the sale, crafting a normal game badge, voting in the community choice sales, trading for them or just plain buying them. This sale differs from previous ones in one way, every time you craft the holiday sale badge you have the chance of earning exclusive in-game items for some of the top Free to Play games like DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2, though If that is not your cup of tea, the items can be traded on the marketplace if they are not unpacked.

In order to get the best deals of the sale you can follow this simple Step by step by step image.