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CCL @ I50

Better late than never, here is Dan's look back at the last Insomnia event in Telford



CCL returned to the Telford International Centre at the beginning of December for Multiplay's Insomnia 50, an event that we regularly attend.

As well as retailers such as ourselves, the exhibition hall for this event featured several manufacturers such as Cooler Master, Razer and Plantronics showing off a new peripherals that they have on the market. The retro gaming area had a large selection of the games to play and buy, and the Indie Gaming zone was showcasing several small independent games. There were multiplayer tournaments on Battlefield 4, Call of Duty and Fifa, and plenty of other random merchandise and board games to spend your money on.


The Xbox One lounge allowed players to try out many of the machines launch titles. I haven't managed to oink one up yet, so it was nice to try out Ryse and Dead Rising 3.

I'm always a little surprised that Nintendo and Sony don't have a presence at Insomnia. While the focus has always been on PC gaming, an increasing number of younger and casual visitors such as many of the day ticket holders make me think they could be quite successful. It was also the release of the PlayStation 4 that weekend, so rather thought they would have something on show similar to the Xbox One lounge.

After the success of summer there was again a large Minecraft presence that was popular among particularly the younger gamers.



Saturday night saw the traditional Insomnia pub quiz, and as this was the 50th Lanniversary event there was also extra entertainment. The evening opened with an awards show, with community picks for favourite games and developers, as well as for community members themselves. Stand up comedian Paul Tonkinson then had a short gig, followed by the quiz itself. The rest of our table all seemed to disappear pretty quickly, leaving just the three of us as the smallest team in the quiz – though I don’t think we did too badly for ourselves, scoring 62 points and coming in 33rd out of 72 teams. The quiz also had an extended intermission, with live music by the Saints of Sin who were very 80s hair metal.


There was also the announcement that after several years at the Telford International Centre the Insomnia events will be moving to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry from Insomnia 51 in the spring, which was met with wide enthusiasm, and you can bet that CCL will be back once again!