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In Win 904 Case Review

Another stylish case from In Win but is there more substance?

The Build

I decided to build into the system, to see just how easy it was to put a system into this case. For the build I used parts from my current test bench; this consisted of the following components:

Gigabyte Z87X-OC
16GB of Corsair Vengeance Pro Ram
AMD Reference 6970
Corsair TX850W
Scythe Shuriken

You will notice there are one or two missing components from that list; these parts were supplied from the pit of spares available but included a 2.5” WD Blue Drive, and a standard SATA Optical Drive.

Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the steps due to the short period it was needed in, so in true Art Attack fashion here’s one I made earlier.


The build was not without issues however most of them were caused by a potentially poor choice of hardware.

The first issue encountered is that a full size board the like the Z87X-OC covers several of the cable routing cut-outs to the top and right hand edge of the board, this is not a big issue as the included extension cables put in place before fitting the motherboard.

The second issue I ran into was the amount of free space at the end of the power supply, using a non-modular power supply that has and obscene amount of cables meant a struggle keeping them in place and routing the needed cables to the rear of the case was extremely awkward.

Third is two-pronged, when fitting an optical drive into the bay, you have to slide it along the aluminium surface when this was done on the supplied case, the optical drive scratched the case, the positioning of the drive bay itself may also cause some issues, we tried to fit a standard SATA cable from the board to the drive and it was incredibly short meaning lengthier cables are a must, if you are going to use an optical drive.

Most of the issues above are quite specific to my choice of hardware, being restricted in the hardware I had available to use, I would have liked to use a modular power supply firstly as this would have solved a lot of the extraneous cabling that I ended up with.