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A4 Tech Bloody Gaming Mouse Review

A Bloody Gaming Mouse Review, just in time for Halloween!

Here at CCL you are more likely to find staff using various gaming peripherals at their desktops rather than business one, we are even lucky enough to have a few mechanical keyboards in use. This is often because gaming mice and keyboards have better ergonomics for long term use or more is the case, they just last longer – we are a pretty destructive bunch here.

So when this cheap gaming mouse became available our product setup specialist immediately went to get one to replace his aging Gigabyte one, on its way to him though it has made a detour to me so it can be reviewed.

The Bloody gaming series designed by Taiwan A4Tech, who has 25 years mouse R&D experience, with the company strength and 9 years well research thus born the first “Multi-Core Gun3” gaming mice.

BLOODY Gun3 - The Multi-Core design has 6 breakthrough innovations with 3 shooting modes so ensure the Gamers to win the game easily.

The Bloody gaming mice is the world's most accurate shooting mice with auto recoil suppression and concentrated trajectory, which offers the unprecedented high headshot rate. It also offers both software and hardware dual trajectory adjustments.

The Bloody gaming mice is the cutting-edge technology, creating state-of-the-art, completely improves the suffering of using poor weapons to compete against the superior-equipped opponents.


Specifications, as provided by A4 Tech.


Basic Parameters:
Multi-core system
Button No.: 7 keys + Wheel
Direction of wheel: one way direction
Tracking: Optical engine
Type: Wired
Mouse connection: USB (2.0/3.0)
Hardware system requirements: Windows 
Software system requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 
Mouse size: 125 x 64 x 39 (mm)
Cable length: 1.8 m
Mouse weight: 155 g

Technical Parameters:
Resolution: 200 Dpi to 3,200Dpi (5 ranges adjustable)
Image processing: 368 mega pixels / sec
Acceleration: 30g
Tracking speed: 75 inches / sec
Report rate : 1,000 Hz(4 ranges adjustable)
Key response time: 1ms
160K on-board memory



The Bloody V7 is packaged very similarly to the Dragon War mice reviewed a short while ago, however the box does feel sturdier. The box has a windowed door on the front which you can open to see the mouse in full, it has a vacuum formed cover so you can get a rough feel physically for the mouse as well. The front of the box itself just shows the mouse.



The rear of the box lists a few of the actual features of the mouse and it lists the differences between the 3 selectable modes (we will go into this further) it also lists a feature of what I have affectionately dubbed “mouse DLC” as it shows a screenshot of the 5 Way Trajectory Adjustment which is included if you purchase the Ultra-Core-3 upgrade.

The boxes sides list the features (listed above) and also a small blurb about the mouse.

Included in the box is a quick setup guide which follows the industrial design of the box and a card which has a link to a page where you can download the software. The manual itself covers the multi core aspect of the software well. My only gripe is that it could have done with passing a QC check as several words were spelt incorrectly and some phrases were a bit Engrish, but like the Ballista Dan reviewed, it was never so bad that you couldn’t understand it.



Two of the more noticeable errorsTwo of the more noticeable errors