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Only a few days til Insomnia 49

Only a few days left to go til the UK's biggest gaming festival begins


It has only been a short while since CCL were packing up from a successful Insomnia 48, but time flies and Insomnia 49 is almost upon us and yes we are going to be back.

The Insomnia Festival is hosted by Multiplay UK and takes place at the International Centre in Telford. It is a 3 Day gaming festival which plays host to a massive array of gaming tournaments and a massive amount of gamers. This year it will be host to some big tournaments for games such as League of Legends, Counter Strike, and Call of Duty. With the tournaments attracting some of the biggest professional gaming teams such as Dignitas, our own TCM and others. The tournaments are sponsored by some big names from the industry as well such as Razer and AMD, who at this event are sponsoring the League of Legends Cup, which has a prize pool of £12,000

iSeries as it is known has been running for several years, and each event has only increased its popularity. iSeries currently holds the title of the largest LAN party held in the UK, and whilst this is a drop in the bucket compared to events such DreamHack, which is recorded as the biggest LAN party in the world, It can only be a sign that the UK is improving. Dreamhack also holds the record for the most generated traffic and did until recently hold the record for the world's fastest internet connection.

CCL will be in attendance at i49, so make sure you pop on over to our booth as we will be showing off some amazing stuff and as always there will no doubt be some freebies about. We will of course be giving away an iSeries inspired T-Shirt so you have something to remember the event by. We will also be running a few competitions as well along the way whilst selling some cracking gear and just generally trying to show how awesome we are. We are also hauling something extra special down to offer a challenge to you all, but i'm not letting in on what it is so you will have to come by and have a go.