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Gigabyte GTX 760 Windforce 2GB Review

Best of the upper midrange cards ? We put this card to the test


To put the card through its paces, we used a number of benchmarking tools as well as some of the latest games including Bioshock infinite, Metro Last Light and Crysis 3 whilst observing how they played and noting down any issues.

For the games that we could, we used the built in benchmarking facilities to observe how the game played, running the game at the maximum settings that we could achieve, we used the latest non-beta drivers from Nvidia’s website.

The rest of the hardware in the machine consisted of :

Intel Core I5 4770K Running at 3.5GHz
16GB of Corsair Pro Memory Running at 1600MHz
Samsung 120GB 840 Pro
Gigabyte Z87X-OC motherboard
Running Windows 8 Pro

The specifications of the system ensure that no bottlenecks should arise with the other hardware involved.


Set in 1912 during the growth of American exceptionalism, the game places you in the shoes of the former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, who is sent to the floating air-city of Columbia to find a young woman, Elizabeth, who has been held captive there for most of her life

For this game we used the built in benchmarking tool to observe the performance of the card. The Bioshock benchmark runs through several scenes and it measures the Scene duration and the Average, Minimum and Maximum FPS in each scene.

In the benchmark we used Ultra Settings at 1920x1080 with DDOF the results are below


What shocked me in this benchmark is that the GTX760 has a better minimum frame rate and frame duration than the GTX 670 reviewed earlier in the week, whilst the maximum fps did have a large drop against the GTX670, the average overall was certainly impressive.


Tomb Raider (2013)

As the first entry in a new Tomb Raider continuity, this game is a reboot that emphasises the reconstructed origins of the culturally influential lead character Lara Croft.
For this game we used the built in benchmarking tool again to observe the performance of the card. The Tomb Raider benchmark runs through a 360 degree scene, showing off the TressFX hair and detailed landscapes.

For this game ultimate settings were used, the results are below


In this once again it certainly handled the benchmark well, showing a fairly consistent and narrow maximum and minimum FPS.


Hitman Absolution

Hitman Absolution is an action-adventure game, where the player once again takes on the role of Agent 47, a Hitman employed by the International Contracts Agency, for this we used the built in benchmarking tool with the ultra-settings selected SSAO set to max.


Again the overall difference between the FPS are exceptionally narrow, and whilst the max is certainly lower than what I would want to expect, because the benchmark was run at ultra-settings you can always drop a notch on one or two to improve it.


Sniper Elite V2

Sniper Elite V2 is a third-person tactical shooter that emphasizes a less direct approach to combat, putting you in the role of a sniper during World War II, the game is a sequel to the original Sniper Elite, this game is one of my favourite ways to let off steam.


The GTX760, handled this well, with the average being exceptionally good, again this was run will all the settings turned up to the max which, in the same vein as Hitman means that one or two features can be toned down to improve the overall performance.


Final Fantasy a Realm Reborn

Up next we have the soon to be released Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn, which is the reworking of the original game, this game looks to features a new engine, improved server structures, revamped gameplay and interface, and a new story to follow and explore.

 This benchmark again was run at maximum, but the GTX760 had no issues with this as it performed exceptionally well against the backdrop of the world of Eorzea.


3D Mark

After all the games were run and the card had finished its last in game benchmark I ran 3dMark to give it a score that should be easily comparable to your current setup, we ran 3dmark in performance and extreme modes, to give a more accurate result for you to compare against your own system.

Performance runs at 1280x720p with moderate settings and Extreme runs at 1920x1080p with higher settings to place more load on the system.



The scores are certainly respectable, and sat happily with the majority of other similar hardware scores.


The final test is actually playing some games, for this card we actually had some new mice and a keyboard that we were sent to check out as part of our samples, so expect a review and decision on them early next week.

In the games we played it played them wonderfully, as the card is more aimed at mid-range and as you can see from the benchmarks, I did have to turn down one or two of the settings in order to get a fully consistent experience, although the changes did not dampen the experience overall, the games that were played were, Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider and a small amount of Bioshock Infinite.

Whilst testing the aforementioned games and benchmarks we kept an ear on the sound level and temperatures, the latter were very good, the sound levels however noticeably increased when the card was put under load, although it was more the rushing of air noise than a whine or any other potentially annoying noise, on the CCL Test system it was easily overpowered by the noise from the headset or a set of speakers, again the noise is more noticeable due to the case being open in its design.