One of the most addictive and highly rated games of all time is set to make its official debut on mobile platforms later this year. The 1994 fan favourite Transport Tycoon sees you run a transport company, building routes and upgrading vehicles to out-muscle AI or networked opposition to run the most profitable company.

Transport Tycoon is being reworked by its original designer, Chris Sawyer, who was originally only brought on board to work on the business side of development, but has ended up getting more and more involved with the development part of the project.

Thankfully (for me at least) Sawyer has confirmed that the game will be a paid for title and not feature any in-app-purchase or freemium mechanics such as in game advertising or paid for in game bonuses.

Due later this year this is quite possibly my most anticipated app of all time; I will certainly be getting the iPad on charge ready for its release!

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