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Sample Review 1 - Fun and Funky Bag - Red Rose

In the first of the series we look at one of the products we received as a sample


In a new series of articles we hope to lift the lid on some of the stuff that comes into CCL, by offering product reviews and presenting arguments on why it did or didn't make the grade.

Original Blog Post Here

With a tag-line of “Had enough of black and boring bags? Then it’s time to get fun and funky!”  When this particular bag showed up at CCL it was easy to see that they took that statement to heart.



The bag is extremely flamboyant, with a picture of a Rose embellished onto each side of the case, consuming all the space. Made from Polyurethane (PU) the bag is designed to be strong enough to take some knocks, and still protect whatever is placed inside, it also comes with two handles to carry and a shoulder strap that clips on.

Inside the bag, we find a portfolio which matches the design and material of the bag, in having a rose embellished onto both sides; it has a magnetic clasp and zip that keeps it closed.  Inside the portfolio, it’s fairly average, having several pockets to keep things in, and an elasticated pen holder next to the main area where the pad of paper would be.



The portfolio has what feels like cardboard inside to keep it from being too flexible and potentially causing damage to items inside, however it is quite thin. Some of the internal pockets are a bit too shallow to be useful and while it does have a zipped pocket, but because the folder doesn’t expand too much there is little that it could be used to store, the zip pocket is also smaller than standard A4.

Now onto the bag itself, we tried to fit the most common laptop size we currently offer, 15.6”, however this did not fit into the bag, so we moved down and chose the next size down a 14” sized laptop which did fit, with a bit of space around the edges, so it appears designed for portable laptops. The bag features a felt divider which helps to protect both sides of the laptop. On the other side it has several pockets one which can just about fit the aforementioned portfolio.

This particular bag came to CCL in a brown box, and even after being used only for a short while, being moved table to table and between people the bag sustained noticeable scratches and marks to the casing. Whilst we are sure that these would not be a problem for the item inside, the feeling was that over time the finish would noticeably degrade and we believe this would be sooner rather than later.

Because of the issues outlined above and the RRP for the product which was £24.99, We believed that it should not be a product that we would want to stock or offer to CCL customers.

They offer the bag in four different combinations including one called Cute Kitten, which made me awww, and also upset that it wasn't the one we received to sample.