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Saints Row 4 and State of Decay - Banned in Australia

Both games refused a classification


News is arising that, as well as Saints Row 4 being refused classification (effectively banned) in Australia, reports are that another game called State of Decay has also been refused a classification.

Saints Row 4, an open-world action adventure video game which is expected to be a big hit when released later this year has been refused classification by the Australian Classification Board (ACB) which now means that it will not be available to purchase in retail stores in Australia.

The decision from the ACB, which had only just this year updated it's classifications and guidelines to include an R18+ classification, was the first time since the new guidelines that a game has been refused classification.

A statement released by the board said:

"In the Board’s opinion, Saints Row IV, includes interactive, visual depictions of implied sexual violence which are not justified by context. In addition, the game includes elements of illicit or proscribed drug use related to incentives or rewards. Such depictions are prohibited by the computer games guidelines."

Along with this, news reports are circulating, that State of Decay, Undead Labs' ambitious zombie survival open world game (which is still under development for release on PC - Xbox 360 and LIVE Arcade) has also been refused classification.

In a forum post from the Executive Producer Jeff Strain, he mentions that State of Decay ran afoul of certain prohibitions in the regulations regarding the depiction of drug use, whilst also mentioning that they are working with Microsoft on the issue which will then allow the game to comply with the ACB ratings requirements, additionally saying that "it's going to take a bit"

Here's hoping that both games can make the necessary changes and get themselves subsequently released in Australia.