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Prepare your wallets - The Steam Summer Sale is coming soon...hopefully

Valve hint at an upcoming "Event"


News that Steam will be taking Steam Trading Cards out of beta has got some of the staff here at CCL wondering if Steam will be launching their annual summer Steam sales

A few days ago, an employee of Valve posted a news post on the Steam Trading Cards page, announcing that Steam Trading Cards are coming out of Beta today at around 7pm.

Steam Trading Cards, if you didnt know are items that appear in your steam inventory while playing specific steam games (much like the lumps of Coal for achievements from the winter sale) there are full sets to collect and you can trade cards to obtain ones that you can't get by playing the games, as well as prizes badges and experience points when you do finally complete a set.

Information about steam trading cards can be found here

JohnC a Valve employee posted the below

"Making trading cards available to all Steam users is a step towards an event we think everyone can be excited about..."

The news post can be found here

The Steam Summer Sale tends to begin at the end of June and run through into mid-July, so the timing of this announcement and release of the trading cards seems to infer something big.

Just to be a bit more sure, there also appears link to a video on the steamdb for a game called Killing Floor (The video could be quite disturbing so we won't link to it the game is rated M and 17+) mentioning a "Summer Sideshow" event for the game with dates of June 30th to July 22nd which people are purporting to be the Steam Summer Sale dates.