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Douglas Engelbart sadly passes away

Sad news today as one of the true computing visionaries passes away.

Engelbart at his 1968 Engelbart at his 1968 "Mother of All Demos"

Sad news today as Douglas Engelbart has passed away. He was one of the true computer visionaries making huge breakthroughs in computing making it less about punch cards and mainframes and more personal.

He saw the future in the graphical user interfaces that you are all using (GUI), co-developed the modern mouse, pioneered the idea of video conferencing and potentially most important of all (even more than the mouse!) he helped lay down the foundations for the precursor to the internet and networked computers in general.

"The Mother of All Demos," nickname for a tech-demo presented by Engelbart from 1968 makes it perfectly clear how much we are all indebted to one of the key figures in computing history