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No DRM Campaign For PS4 Gets Sony's Attention

Will it be enough to temp Sony's hand in the next-gen DRM struggle?

There has been much commotion this last couple of week surround the next-gen console releases, with a lot of the generated anger being focused on Microsoft and the suspicions of always online DRM, used game locks and much more, much of which is mixed opinions, confusion and misinformation, but if Microsoft won't give people clear answers, then they've only got themselves to blame.

Sony on the other hand haven't really spoken about their DRM strategies and it's likely, VERY likely that they were operating something similar to that of Microsoft, but Microsoft did nothing to dismiss months of rumours about their console in their one hour presentation this month, while Sony have been responding to feedback and calm the nerves of gamers around the world.

A huge campaign has been underway that has seen PlayStation 4 fans taking to Twitter over the weekend, protesting against rumours of the Sony DRM systems that could block used games and so far, two of the Sony targets have responded.

The campaign started on NeoGAF but it has since picked up a momentum of its own and everyone is on edge waiting for an official response from Sony's President of Worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida.

By using the hashtags #PS4NoDRM or #PS4USEDGAMES many gamers have voiced their concerns so loudly that many have started to take notice, that's not to say people haven't been voicing their opinions about Microsoft too, but lord knows I won't be copy and pasting most of those comments into a civilised news article any time soon.

Sony’s head of hardware marketing John Koller:

Scott Rohde PlayStation Software Product Development Head for Sony Worldwide Studios America:

There is a lot of dust in the air right now over DRM that may take a long time to settle, but one thing is for certain is that if you’re really that bothered, you need to contact people, tweet, email, get your voice heard and a little bit of advice would be "be polite" as no company is going to listen to you if all you’re doing is being a troll.