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Microsoft Watching Xbox One Feedback

The dust is long from settled after Xbox One event

The Microsoft press conference is done and now it's time for Microsoft to really get to work on sweet talking us all into spending our cold hard cash on their new console, but that isn't going to be so easy as feedback from the gaming community hasn't been as upbeat as Microsoft would have liked, you might have noticed?

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and just about every gaming portal on the web has been filled with back lash from gamers and while the event wasn't actually that bad, the hardware looked good (in my opinion), the features were cool and innovative, the games looked great and the controller looks pretty good too, all in all a big success on the things they did talk about.

However, Microsoft did only have an hour where as Sony took two full hours, this meant Microsoft cut a lot of things down in size, but also paved over some huge lingering questions such as DRM, always online, mandatory installs, used game installs and sales, or the fact that the bulk of the features they showed, such as sports TV and TV line-in will currently only work in the United States... what, didn't they tell you that either?

Major Nelson of Microsoft fame has spoken out and said that Microsoft are watching the feedback and you can bet your backside they'll take it on board too, especially after the damage done by Windows 8, which as you may remember they've been fixing for free with Windows 8.1.

It's important for everyone to voice their opinion, good and the bad about this new console, but do it constructively, through official channels and for the love of god be nice about it, nobody will listen to your comments if you’re just trolling.

Microsoft have said they're still finalizing policies for pre-owned titles and disc sharing, so it’s not all doom and gloom and as with everything on the internet, most of this has already likely been blown way out of proportion already, but sit tight because E3 is just around the corner and when people get hands and up close, opinions could be quick to change.