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Xbox One Controller & Kinect Detailed

Will Microsoft change the way we play?

Microsoft say they've made over 40 revisions to the original Xbox 360 controller and while many of these could be as simple as changing the curve on the edge, to using a different kind of blue one the X button, they all add up to one brand new and rather funky looking controller.

While the controller features pretty much everything we have gotten used to over the last 8/10 of a decade, there have been a few minor tweaks to bring it up to speed with the demands of modern gamers.

First off we have a new tactile feedback engine on the triggers, aside from the main rumble, developers can now at contextual feedback through the triggers too and something I personally can't wait to try out.

The biggest change that I can see if the D-Pad and it's well known around the world that the D-Pad on the Xbox 360 controller sucks beyond all belief, it's great to see Microsoft have finally fixed this.

Microsoft has developed their own wireless tech that improves lag times, but also allows the controllers to all be wireless akin to what Sony offer. Add to that a slimmer battery pack which is charged via USB cable and things are starting to sound pretty awesome.

The "start" button is gone, in its place is the pause/play button, while the back button appears to be the equivalent of windows tab, or an apps button.

Kinect has been boosted too, with full 1080p wide angle viewing, the ability for group Skype video calls, up to four player recognition at one time, better detail when tracking movement right down to the movement of finger tips, new active infrared tech for low light conditions and a massively improved voice recognition engine.

The old adage of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" spring to mind, Microsoft have kept everything as it was, but improved each little aspect of the components and functions, let’s just hope the console packs as many surprises in terms of performance come release date.

Image Source: CNET