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Next Xbox Reveal On May 21st

Microsoft finally say something official about the next-gen console

Microsoft have been hiding their next gen project pretty well and while there have been leaks, there have been no images, no fully confirmed hardware specifications or anything in recent months, but my god have there been a lot of rumours! Always on DRM, won't play used games and all other kinds of nonsense that are highly unlikely have been floating around the internet but since Microsoft has yet to say a single word on the next-gen, I wouldn't believe much of anything you've read so far.

So set your alarm clocks for May 21st as the reveal of Microsoft Xbox Next has been set in stone and official invites have been shipped out to the gaming press and the media in general, inviting them to join Microsoft at what they're calling "A New Generation Revealed".

The event kicks off in Washington at 6PM PST, will be streamed live on, spike TV and no doubt a few other little places too that have yet to be announced. It will take place live from the Xbox campus and is set to be a taste of what to expect, similar to the extended teaser that Sony held not so long ago.

One thing's for certain, E3 is just three weeks after the Microsoft event, you can bet Sony and Microsoft are going to go on an all-out next-gen war at this year’s E3 in what could be the biggest show the event has ever seen.