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Working from Home: All the tech you need for your home office     Click Here

CCL's Latest Home Entertainment PCs Now Available

Ever dreamt of having your very own cinema? Well we can't provide the darkened room, the smell of stale popcorn or the sound of chattering children but we can provide the technology - bring the cinema home!

CCL’s Home Entertainment range all offer High Definition video playback and support 5.1 surround sound – you can even get compatible Wi-Fi speakers to keep your living room cable clear. All systems will run games and DVDs as well as having the option of adding Blu-ray for all of the real film buffs out there. And each of the Aural systems support web browsing which can be controlled either by the remote control (included) or by purchasing a wireless keyboard and mouse.

The range consists of 4 separate models starting from the basic setup, with all of the above features – the Aural Pioneer. Next in the range comes the Aural Champion, it’s a 10% increase in price but gives you the ability to video stream from the likes of Netflix, Love Film, BBC iplayer and the like. For those of you out there that don’t relish the prospect of buying a system that sports the lesser known AMD processor we do offer the Aural Tornado which comes with the Intel processor, but be aware there is the premium price tag that comes with Intel.

Our top of the range model, the Aural Shikra, is essentially our version of your typical games console – in fact it has the same technology as the soon to be release PlayStation 4! You can play or watch to your heart’s content; with an upgraded CPU and double the memory of the next PC down, it will run your games faster and clearer than any of our other systems.

You can hook these up to your T.V. or computer and use them however you desire – whether you want a high performance PC or an integrated home cinema one of these systems will be perfect for your home!