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Apple Tried To Patent "rubber banding"

Fortunately this one failed...

Apple never ceases to amaze me with the lack of detail on some of the items they try to patent. What were the last few silly ones again? They tried to patent the method of turning a page of a book on a touch screen, I'll give you a clue - you slide your finger over the page! They tried to patent a rectangle with rounded corners and no doubt many other silly things. The frightening thing is, they often succeed.

Fortunately this latest effort of theirs has been rejected as a patent due to it not being a novel or original idea. The US Patent and Trademark Office informed Apple that "rubber banding" just can't be patented. What is this "rubber banding" I speak of you ask? Well when you get to the end of a list, or page of something on your smart device, instead of just stopping at the bottom of the list, you can scroll past and the list will bounce back as you get to the end, just giving the menu a nice dynamic look... it's that bounce that they tried to patent.

Apple have had over 20 patents invalidated over the last year and while they were given two months to appeal them they just couldn't prove that this one was any different from other previously patented technology or ideas, or prove that it was even something substantial enough, or original enough that someone could own the idea. This of course won't stop them from trying again, but it is good news for Samsung as some of these refused patents have been part of their IP dispute with Apple.