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Dizzy numbers of the week

Some people live in a different world to rest of us!

£910,000 is believed to be the amount Rowan Atkinson received as an insurance pay-out to get his McLaren F1 repaired after a shunt in 2011. I am musing that his premium is a bit steep now!

£30,676 was reported to be the mount that Bernie Eccleston’s daughter, Tamara, spent on an evening out with 2 friends.   I am not sure what they were up to but a couple of things run through my mind. Firstly, they must have been good friends!  And, whilst I have to admit to being a bit envious of that level of disposable income, I am not envious of the sore head.

£23,078 is the amount of cash that was left in a street in Manchester - bit careless me thinks! The passer-by who found it handed it in to the police. What would you have done?!