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Battlefield 4 Announcement Inbound

EA to speak about possible next-gen game in around 90 days

EA (Electronic Arts) have revealed their intentions to announce Battlefield 4 in around 90 days’ time. While this is of course just a teaser of the real announcement, it’s been no secret that the game is in development and has been for some time. What we don't know about the upcoming game however is what platforms we can expect to see it on.

This is an interesting time, especially given that on the 20th of this month Sony are set to make a huge announcement in New York that is highly tipped to be the PlayStation 4, of course Microsoft are brewing their own hardware and we already have the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U on the market, oh and let’s not forget PC.

It makes sense that the game will hit the two big consoles of this generations, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 given their well-established user bases, yet we cannot rule out souped up high resolution, high frame rate editions on next gen consoles. Keep in mind that console editions of Battlefield 3 are on par with "minimum" graphics of Battlefield 3 PC edition. Next-Gen console editions could see Battlefield 4 go toe to toe with the PC in terms of performance and that would be something very special indeed.

DICE have put a lot of effort into the Frostbite engine and the 3rd game in the series is still one of the hallmarks of PC gaming in terms of gameplay and graphics, so come this time next year when we expect the game to be released you best be ready to upgrade your PC's GPU if you want to take full advantage of what can be expect to be one of the best looking games of the next few years.