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Futuremark's 3DMark Out Now!

Three new ways to test your systems released into the wild

Futuremark has made good on their promise and launched the all new benchmarking software, simply titled "3DMark". This sees the new tests "Ice Storm", "Cloud Gate" and "Fire Strike" that will push your systems limits across a variety of hardware configurations and modes ready for you to size up your system against others, or of course check and see if all your hard work and upgrades have actually had an impact on your systems performance.

Ice storm is aimed to benchmark mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and even entry level PCs, this will flex your CPU and GPU and uses a DX9 feature set on the DX11 framework.

Cloud Gate is for notebooks and home PCs, this will text your CPU, GPU and Physics capabilities with Direct3D level 10, again built on the DX11 framework so to be fully forward and backwards compatible. This edition is (for the time being) limited to use in Windows.

The top dog of this party is Fire Strike; this one has all the bells and whistles that are set to make your computer go into nuclear meltdown. Full DirectX 11 support and feature set, real time rendering and extreme pre-sets. Futuremark have gone as far to say it is their most ambitious and technical benchmark ever. This is of course the one I can't wait to see in action, it is also currently limited to the Windows platform.

One of the brand new tests in Futuremarks 3DMarkOne of the brand new tests in Futuremarks 3DMark

3DMark is available in three editions: Basic, Advanced and Professional. The first is free and will give you all the tests excluding the extreme pre-sets for Fire Strike. Advanced will set you back $24.95 USD and will allow for individual testing of various settings, custom settings and looping of the benchmarks.

Pro is more aimed at business and commercial use, featuring everything you can imagine in terms of settings, image quality tools, command line automation, XML file exporting and multi-use keys etc. this will retail for around $995 USD.

Android, iOS and Windows RT editions will launch later in Q1 this year, but there is a 25% discount for this first week on Steam for those who already own 3DMark 11 Advanced Edition.