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Windows 8 adoption reaches 2.26%

January report shows true state of Windows 8 uptake

Microsoft has had a hard time shifting Windows 8, their latest operating system that sees touch screen interfaces being fully integrated and supported by the software. Now of course that isn't the only upgrade they made to their OS which was built upon the firm roots laid down by windows 7 - many "under the hood" upgrades were made to make the OS more flexible and manageable. It seems however that while Windows 8 is a solid performer, Windows 7 works "well enough" for many users and as such, the uptake of the new OS hasn't exactly been fast.
By January, the global adoption rate of Windows 8 had increased to 2.26%, according to the date from Net Applications. This doesn't sound too bad until you realise that Windows 7 was at 4% after just two weeks of being released.

It seems then that people just don't like change. The touch interface and changes of the start menu seem to get a lot of press, both good and bad, on how it feels to use as an operating system. I personally enjoy using it and while it did take a couple of hours to get used to, the same can be said for any change in the way we do things.

Microsoft is going to have to pin more of its hopes on the RT and mobile market which is definitely on the increase. Perhaps once people have spent more time using Windows 8 with a touch interface on a tablet or smart device they may be more inclined to install the OS on their other machines.

Windows 8 still has some way to go to beat the 44.48% share of the market that is taken by Windows 7, either way it’s certainly going to be an interesting year for Microsoft.