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Samsung Buys 5% of Wacom, maker of quality styluses and graphical tablets

Samsung has purchased 5% of Wacom, could this mean it is making an attempt to equip more of its tablets and smartphones with high quality styluses?

Wacom is a well-known company amongst graphics professionals and there is a good chance you have used one of their styluses if you have used any high end touch screen device of the past several years. With their specialisation and market leading position in interactive pen displays and digital drawing tablets it has cost Samsung $58.2million USD  for a 5% share in the company, allowing it to bundle the highly recommended styluses with its Galaxy Note line of devices.

"It is becoming increasingly important to form close relationships with manufacturers of mobile information terminals, particularly smartphones and tablets, and to bring new products to market in a timely manner," said Wacom. "With regard to digital pens for smartphones in particular, Wacom’s sales toSamsung Electronics have increased in recent years. Wacom digital pens are used in Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note smart phone, which is sold in 99 countries around the globe including in North America, Europe, Japan, China and India. Wacom expects the inclusion of its digital pens in Samsung Electronics’ smartphones and tablets to lead to the expansion of the user base of its products."

Styluses have become a more niche product in recent years due to the number of touch devices now available; driven by the ever popular tablet sector. Wacom however has differentiated itself from the general market by pioneering mass-market pressure sensitive styluses that can be used for drawing and other work.