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Google Reassure Us That a Donkey Found On Street View Wasn't Ran Over

We're assured that the Equus Asinus was perfectly fine.

The internet has been swarming around speculation about two images from a Google Street View scene in Botswana this past week as people have stated that the images ‘clearly’ showed that the Google Street View car was involved in the Hit’n’Run of a donkey.

Viewers have stated that it is visibly clear that the donkey is perfectly fine upon approach but when the Street View car has passed the donkey appears to have been knocked off all fours – you be the judge.

Google then responded in a recent blog article stating that people should never ass-ume as we all know what happens when you make an ass-umption. In Googles defence they stated that it’s simply the way the images are compiled and that if users assessed the images correctly they would realise they're not in sequence, they also provided an image of the donkey back on its feet shortly after the car passed.

A quick assessment clearly shows that the donkey, although bewildered by the large device strapped to the top of the Google car, is perfectly fine.

Besides the fact that this article gave me an astounding chance to assemble a fantastic article full of asinine donkey related puns and jokes, I feel that the fact that people have taken the time to show a concern for the donkey and Google have taken the time to respond in a blog asserting that the donkey was not injured is all good fun.

If you actually work your way backwards on that road you can see another Jeep fly past the donkey kicking up loads of dust, which probably prompted the donkey to have a little roll around in the sand.