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Another interesting revelation in the saga that is now the Megaupload trial is that of the Canadian Courts ruling NOT to ship 32 Megaupload servers to the US as they may contain personal information that would identify Megaupload users and in addition Kim Dotcom says they contain no information that is useful to the case.

For those who don’t know 1,103 servers were seized by the US courts last year when Megaupload was raided and taken offline, however those weren’t the only servers used to host content used by the file sharing site There were an additional 32 servers in a Canadian based datacentre.

The US courts claim that the servers will be useful in the case they’re building against Megaupload due to an e-mail from Megaupload staff which states that the servers “will serve as a database / number crunching machines.” 

The order issued by the US courts was quickly contested by Megauploads defence team who requested the Canadian courts to appoint an “independent forensic examiner” to determine the nature of the files stored on the servers or simply reject the request entirely. The Canadian courts agreed with the concerns of the Megaupload defence team and rejected the request from the US courts until the nature of the server contents can be determined.

We'll keep you posted on the outcome.

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