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BT Offers Free Wi-Fi

It is for February only, but what are you waiting for!

It seems that BT have decided to keep its Christmas spirit on for a little while longer by offering free Wi-Fi (well, 90 free minutes) to people until the end of February 2013 but there is one little catch and that is that you need to send a text to 0780008118 (there will be no follow up calls or text messages). This can be done from any BT mobile and even applies to PAYG (Pay As You Go) users, of course you need to pay the price of the text, unless you have a bundle that includes free text messages!

You need to use the minutes within 24 hours of first logging in and I recommend ensuring that you are near a BT hotspot, there are quite a few, BT estimate around 4.5 million BT hotspots are available within the UK.
You are only allowed to sign up once per day and will be limited to one set of login details per email address (I’m sure that you all know if a way to get around this issue, it shouldn’t take too much thought!)

Both O2 and Virgin Media have quickly jumped on the band wagon but are offering free Wi-Fi to everyone regardless to whether you are their customer or not, I tip my hat to them.