HDMI Splitter Cable

CCL Code: CAB5050
Manufacturer Code: CDLHD-000
Manufacturer: CCL Choice
HDMI Splitter Cable

Key Features:

  • x1 HDMI Male
  • x2 HDMI Female

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*Please note due to HDCP not all displays will be supported, this cable is not suitable for splitting the HDMI signal from either Sky+HD or Virgin Media HD

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Key Features

Price (Bundles) 2.1
Cable Length 0.2 m
PC Connection Type HDMI to HDMI

Item Details

Manufacturer CCL Choice
Manufacturer Code CDLHD-000
EAN 3548381370512
Condition New

Do you have you a question about the HDMI Splitter Cable?

Q: My TV has two HMDI input sockets, but I have three devices with HDMI outputs. Only one device at a time is used. Could I plug one into the TV permanently and use this to take the feeds from the other two and feed them into the one remaining socket on the TV
Answer by Website User on 7th February 2018
This can be done and each HDMI socket on this devices will only become active when turned on so as long as both devices switch off when not in use, it will switch between them
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Q: could i use this item for blue ray dvd & xbox 360 running one item at one time thanks jk
Answer by Matthew on 23rd July 2014
No, this item does not work in that way. It does not allow you to plug two HDMI devices in to one port, it allows you to split one HDMI device to plug into two ports. -MR
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Q: But would this prevent me from performing separate tasks on each monitor, for example work on one and browse the internet on the other? Or would it perform just as if I had two HDMI ports on my PC?
Answer by Matthew on 1st May 2014
This splits a signal video output so it is duplicated on each display. It will not provide separate video images on separate monitors. -MR
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Q: My PC has one hdmi port. This currently allows for one connection to my monitor. Would this hdmi 2 port splitter allow me to connect another monitor to my PC system but perform separate jobs on then. For example, run a game on one but browse the Internet on the other?
Answer by Richard on 29th April 2014
This will split the HDMI signal to 2 monitors, effectively running a dual display setup. -* RH
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Q: Does this pass sound as well as video OK? Looking to connect from PC to two HDMI AV receivers in different rooms.
Answer by Website User on 31st January 2014
It will carry sound, yes. This will split a single video output to show it on two displays. -Danlevan
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Q: Maybe two into one isn't technically a splitter. -D.L.
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Q: Can this be used to take one or the other of two different source signals (one at a time of course) and output the signal to one TV? Eg. a DVD and a Blu-Ray to a TV. -D.L.
Answer by Jake on 4th December 2013
Unfortunately not, you cannot split two inputs to one output, only one input to two outputs with this cable. What you need is a splitter box, and i've linked one below for you: http://www.cclonline.com/product/2815/HD-SW102/Video-Cables/2-Port-HDMI-Switch/CAB5032/ -Jake
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Q: would this be able to show the same images on two TV's from a Swann Digital Video Rercorder
Answer by Dan on 9th November 2013
Yes, as long as the video output from the Swann is not HDCP protected. If it is this device would not work. -Danlevan
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Q: Will this work with 2 acer monitors
Answer by CCL on 29th April 2013
This cable will take a single video output from a graphics card and then output this to two sources. This would show the same signal on both. -Danlevan
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Q: Hi I want to use this in a reception area to show infomration from a web page on a pc with an HDMI out to 2 x large screen tvs - will it work?
Answer by CCL on 21st January 2013
Yes, this will work fine for your requirements. -MR
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Q: will it work for xbox360+ps3 in to one tv i got hdmi plot on my tv so buy this i run xbox+ps3 in
Answer by CCL on 28th December 2012
This splitter will not work as the PS3 requires HDCP compatible devices. Regards, Mike
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Q: I know it won't work with Sky....but how about PS3 and apple tv?
Answer by CCL on 7th May 2012
These both also use HDCP so this splitter will likely not work for either. -Danlevan
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Q: I want an HDMI cable with one input which splits into 2 so I can feed the SkyHD signal direct to my TV but also to my AV amp at same time. Unfortunately, my AV amp doesn't have HDMI pass through so when I power of my AV amp to just watch sky though my tv, I lose the picture.
Answer by CCL on 10th February 2012
This cable will not work with SkyHD, as it does not have HDCP. I would instead recommend something like http://www.cclonline.com/product/2814/HD-SP202/Video-Cables/2-Port-HDMI-Splitter/CAB5031/
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