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If there's one brand name that's associated with high-level gaming and content creation, it's got to be NVIDIA.

Their range of RTX 30 series graphics cards has transformed gaming, bringing 4K gaming at high frame rates to the masses.

Whether you want a system that'll crush competitive AAA gaming, or a PC that'll help you edit and render your latest content masterpiece, you'll want an NVIDIA gaming PC.

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500 GB - 2 TB
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Horizon Ryzen 5 RTX 3050 Gaming PC

Use code "FREEMIC" with a Thronmax MDrill Ghost mic and any PC worth £500 in your basket and get the microphone for FREE!*
  • Windows 11 Home
  • AMD Ryzen 5 4500 CPU
  • 16GB DDR4 Memory
  • 500GB Gen4 NVMe SSD
  • GeForce RTX 3050 8GB
  • 1200Mbps Wi-Fi

£669.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: HZN-R5-1660S-GAME|
Part Number: HZN-R5-1660S-GAME
|Manufacturer: HORIZON

Horizon Ryzen 5 RTX 3050 Gaming PC Bundle with Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse

Use code "FREEMIC" with a Thronmax MDrill Ghost mic and any PC worth £500 in your basket and get the microphone for FREE!*
  • Windows 11 Home
  • AMD Ryzen 5 5500 CPU
  • 16GB DDR4 Memory
  • 500GB Gen4 NVMe SSD
  • GeForce RTX 3050 8GB
  • 3 Year On Site Warranty

£769.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: HZN-R5-3050-BUN|
Part Number: HZN-R5-3050-BUN
|Manufacturer: HORIZON

Horizon Orbit Pro Core i5 RTX 3050 Gaming PC

Use code "FREEMIC" with a Thronmax MDrill Ghost mic and any PC worth £500 in your basket and get the microphone for FREE!*
  • Windows 11 Home
  • Intel Core i5 12400F CPU
  • 16GB DDR4 Memory
  • 500GB Gen4 NVMe SSD
  • GeForce RTX 3050 8GB
  • 3600Mbps Wi-Fi

£784.99 inc VAT

Part Number: HZN-CORE-D2
|Manufacturer: HORIZON

And that’s exactly what we have here at CCL - the very best NVIDIA gaming PCs you can buy.

Our expert PC builders have configured and designed our NVIDIA gaming PCs to include the mix of components that’ll eke-out every last ounce of performance from an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. 

Look under the hood and you’ll find high-end components such as AMD Ryzen and Intel Core CPUs, high-capacity DDR4 RAM, and high-capacity SSD and HDD storage. In short, all the components that create the ultimate NVIDIA gaming PC.

If that’s not enough, CCL’s NVIDIA PCs come with a whole host of extras too. We’re talking a 3-year collect and return warranty, ongoing technical support and advice and free delivery!

Buy your perfect NVIDIA gaming PC at CCL today.

NVIDIA gaming PC buying guide

If there’s one name that’s undeniably associated with PC gaming, it’s got to be NVIDIA. 

Trusted by gamers the world over, NVIDIA makes arguably the best, and most sought after, graphics cards. 

With their GeForce RTX series graphics cards NVIDIA is pushing the boundaries of gaming, with advanced tech such as DLSS and ray tracing making games look more realistic than ever before. 

So, if you’re looking to buy the best gaming PC, you’ll want to consider buying an NVIDIA gaming PC. 

Below, the CCL team have set out their top tips for buying an NVIDIA gaming PC. 

What is an NVIDIA gaming PC? 

When we talk about NVIDIA gaming PCs we are referring to PCs which have been designed and built around an NVIDIA graphics card. 

These days, the type of NVIDIA graphics card in an NVIDIA gaming PC will generally be one of their GeForce RTX graphics cards:

  • RTX 3060.
  • RTX 3070 Ti.
  • RTX 3080.
  • RTX 3080 Ti.
  • RTX 3090.

So, when you hear people talking about 3080 gaming PCs or NVIDIA 3060 gaming PCs, they are referring to a PC based on what type of NVIDIA graphics card it contains. 

It’s important to note that NVIDIA gaming PCs are made up of components from multiple different brands - not just NVIDIA. So, a good quality NVIDIA gaming computer will feature parts such as an MSI motherboard, AMD processor, Kingston SSD drive etc. 

Here at CCL we design and build a range of NVIDIA gaming PCs to suit all types of gamers and content creators. You’ll find out more about our range of NVIDIA gaming computers below. 

Are NVIDIA PCs good for gaming? 

NVIDIA PCs aren’t just good for gaming, they’re the best for gaming!

As we mentioned earlier, NVIDIA has built up a reputation for producing the world’s best graphics cards; and for good reason. 

NVIDIA’s GeForce graphics cards such as the RTX 3060, 3070, 3080 and 3090 cards are all able to offer 4K gaming at 60 fps which is frankly outstanding, whilst NVIDIA claims that the RTX 3090 is even capable of gaming in 8K.

So, if you’re in the market for a PC that can play AAA games at high resolutions at high frame rates, then an NVIDIA gaming PC is the best you can get. 

NVIDIA’s graphic cards are also highly-capable at powering intensive applications such as video rendering and editing, so if you’re a content creator, an NVIDIA PC is a great choice too.

How much does an NVIDIA gaming PC cost? 

NVIDIA produces graphics cards across a range of price points, which means that at CCL we are able to design and build NVIDIA gaming PCs that suit all budgets. 

Our range of NVIDIA gaming computers include systems from under £700 all the way up to absolute top of the range systems at over £5,000.

So whether you’re looking for a cheap NVIDIA gaming PC or the absolute best NVIDIA gaming desktop, you’ll find one that suits your budget here at CCL. 

Can I build my own NVIDIA gaming PC? 

Of course! As avid gamers and PC builders we understand that you may want to add a particular component to a system, or change some of the specifications in order to play a particular game. 

That’s why we make it super easy to build your own NVIDIA gaming PC at CCL. 

There are two routes you can take: 

  • Use our custom PC building service. This allows you to hand pick every single part and component in your system. You can create a system that’s truly unique to you, and we’ll then build it for you!
  • You can customise one of our existing NVIDIA gaming PC systems. 

If you decide you want to customise one of our existing NVIDIA gaming desktops, then doing so is straightforward. 

Simply click on the system you want, then click on the ‘Customise this PC’ tab in the product description. 

You’ll then be presented with a list of customisation options. You’ll be able to click on each one and see what different types of components you can upgrade to.

The cost of each upgrade is also clearly labelled, so you’ll know for sure what the final bill will be before you hit the buy button. 

Where to buy an NVIDIA gaming PC

You not only want your NVIDIA gaming PC to be well designed and built, but you want it to come with plenty of backup and support. 

After all, if you’re going to be spending your hard earned money on a new PC, you want to make sure it comes with a great warranty and unbeatable customer support. 

And, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you buy your NVIDIA gaming desktop from CCL. 

3-year collect and return warranty

3 years. That’s how long CCL will cover the cost of any repairs to your PC. But, that’s not all. 

Our industry-leading NVIDIA PC warranty also covers the cost of sending your PC to our Bradford workshop, the cost of any labour time, the cost of any components or parts and the cost of sending your PC back to you. 

In other words, you’re completely covered. For 3. Whole. Years!

If you want to buy an NVIDIA gaming system with the knowledge that you’ll have the ultimate warranty, you’ll want to buy it from CCL. 

Extensive testing

With over 30 years’ experience building PCs, CCL knows exactly how to build a high-performance gaming PC that is balanced, stable and reliable. 

But, even with all of that experience, we still subject every single one of our PCs to extensive rounds of testing. 

Each system is subjected to different loads, stresses and other tests to make sure they’ll be able to provide you with years of reliable, uninterrupted gaming. 

That’s not all. Every single one of our NVIDIA gaming PCs is also subjected to a rigorous quality assurance process, with our PC builders inspecting every detail to make sure that everything is perfect. 

It’s only once your new PC has undergone all of these checks that it leaves our workshop.

Next day NVIDIA gaming PCs

Start gaming as soon as possible with CCL. When you buy an NVIDIA gaming PC from CCL we work with the best couriers to ensure your system reaches you as quickly and as safely as possible. 

When we have your NVIDIA gaming system in stock, we will endeavour to deliver it the next working day. 

When you order a modified or custom-built PC, we will aim to deliver it to you within 4 to 5 working days. 

Access to ongoing advice and support

If you have any questions once you receive your new NVIDIA PC, then CCL will be happy to help. 

Everyone who purchases an NVIDIA system from CCL has access to technical support via a low-cost telephone line, whilst email support is completely free!