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Upgrading the memory in your computer is one of the easiest and quickest ways you can improve the performance of your system.

What is desktop PC memory?

Desktop PC memory is used to store the programs and applications that are running on your computer; think of it as a form of high-speed, short-term memory.

Often referred to as RAM (Random Access Memory), PC memory usually takes the form of ‘sticks’ which are clicked into dedicated slots on the computer’s motherboard.

The latest generation of PC memory is DDR4 (although DDR5 has just launched!). DDR stands for Double Data Rate and essentially means that this generation of RAM runs at higher speeds than older versions of desktop memory; the exact speed of RAM is measured in MHz.

Buying RAM for your PC

When shopping for RAM for your desktop PC, it’s really important that you check that the RAM you want is supported by your PC’s motherboard. Motherboards will generally have a maximum amount and speed of RAM that they can support. 

You should also check you have sufficient slots e.g. if you’re buying two sticks of RAM, ensure your motherboard has two RAM slots (not all of them do).

How much RAM do you need? 

Size isn’t everything. When you’re shopping for RAM for your computer, you don’t necessarily want to just buy the highest capacity RAM you can find.

A general rule to follow is, ‘the more tasks or programs you’re running, the more RAM you’ll need’. 

So, for example, if you spend your time on your computer simultaneously browsing the web with multiple tabs open, a Word doc open in the background, some music playing and your antivirus software running in the background - you’ll probably benefit from more RAM.

If, on the other hand, you mainly only use your computer for one or two basic tasks at a time, such as working on a Word doc, you can get away with having less RAM in your system.

Buy desktop PC memory at CCL

Here at CCL you’ll find a huge range of desktop memory modules, covering everything from legacy DDR and DDR2 through to modern DDR4 and DDR5 options. 

Use the filters on the left hand side of this page and you’ll be able to shop for PC memory based on memory module kit size, features, memory speed, memory standard and more. 

Shop desktop PC memory from leading brands including Kingston, Corsair, Micron, Patriot, Crucial and many more at CCL.