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AMD X3D 3D V-Cache What is it Why is it important

We delve into the latest tech from AMD and ask if and why you should be considering these incredible new stacked processors.

DLSS 3 Games - What Can I Play Now?

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards come with DLSS 3, promising AI-powered performance gains in supported games - but which games are supported? Find out below.

Intel 13th-Gen Z790, H770, B760 Motherboard News

We take a look at the new Raptor Lake motherboards, including DDR4 and DDR5 support, CPU demos and the new DLVR feature

ATX 3.0 PSUs Explained - Will You Need One?

ATX 3.0 or the ATX Version 3.0 Multi-Rail Power Supply Design Guide is the new PSU standard heading our way. But who will need it and why?

The Black Friday Gaming PC That Broke The Internet

Read all about the best selling PC that almost crashed CCL's website servers - the incredibly good value Horizon Integra.

NVIDIA RTX 4080 12GB vs 16GB

GeForce RTX 4080 16GB or 12GB? The difference in specification between these two reaches beyond the 4GB VRAM, read on to find out more as we compare the 4080 CUDA Core count, benchmarks and more.

Raptor Lake vs Zen 4 - Next Gen Pains and Gains

With AMD benchmarks now available, choosing between Intel Raptor Lake and AMD Ryzen 7000-series CPUs is now (maybe) possible

Flight And Space Flight Simulator PCs - Build or Buy?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has revitalised the flight simulator genre, so if you want to take to the skies or stars, here's what you need.

RTX 40 Series Buyers Guide - Release Dates, Prices and Specs

NVIDIA have officially revealed the RTX 40 Series, with launch dates and specs for eager consumers. Here's everything you need to know in this mega guide

Ryzen 5 5600X and Ryzen 7 5700X - Best AM4 Upgrades?

With the Ryzen 5 5600X competing with Alder Lake, and the Ryzen 7 5700X offering a solid AM4 upgrade in 300/500-series - which should you choose?

Top 3 Esports PCs - Insomnia #i69 Special

We've put together a short list of the best competitive rigs and Esports battlestations featured at Insomnia i69 2022.

Affordability and Reliability With Crucial P3 NVMe SSDs

Super affordable with well-matched performance, Crucial P3 and P3 Plus NVME SSD offers storage future-proofing to the masses

League of Legends RP and TFT coins increase price by 10.9%

RP and TFT Coins the main in-game currency of League of Legends has been hit with a 10.9% price increase following global inflation

Intel ARC - Peformance For Developers and Blender Design

Intel Arc GPUs are here and a new video showing rendering cycles in Blender means significant gains for developers and designers alike

May 2022 PC Game Release Roundup

There are dozens of exciting new releases coming to PC this month. Here's a few highlights worth keeping an eye on and wishlisting for pay day.

All Games With Ray Tracing (RTX ON) - April 2022

The list of games continues to grow for Nvidia RTX support. These are the games that offer Ray Tracing as of April 2022.

Finally - It's Time To Upgrade From GTX to RTX. Here's Why.

The wait is finally over, and GTX owners can upgrade to an RTX graphics card thanks to realistic retail pricing. Here's why it's time to get off the fence and buy

Steam Summer Sale 2022 - Game Predictions and Discounts

The Steam Summer Sale 2022 has gamers asking the annual question - which games will be on sale? Here's our predictions and entirely scientific reasoning!

CCL Clearance and Graded Products - What You Need To Know

Clearance and graded items are the perfect way to pick up a bargain. Save yourself some money on our fully working discounted components!

CD Projekt Red announces a new Witcher game in development

Fans of the Witcher universe, rejoice! CD Projekt Red has just announced that a new Witcher saga is currently under development, and unlike the previous games in the franchise, it will be developed on the Unreal Engine 5, and in partnership with Epic Games.

F1 2021: Better Tyre Management = Faster Lap Times

Good tyre management is critical to improve on your lap times and work your way up the standings. These tips will help you with your options!

RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060 vs RTX 3070 - MSI Laptop Showdown

We compared three of MSI's best value gaming notebooks, offering excellent value for money and entry into Ray Tracing and high performance mobile gaming.

First PC Specifications - Valentine's Day Special!

Our 'My First Love' giveaway asked our customers about the very first rig that started their love affair with PCs - and we had some awesome responses!

Core i9 12900K RTX 3080 Ti Benchmarks - Nazare Swift 9381

We took a test drive of the Nazare 9381, a high performance pre-built gaming PC with an Intel Core i9 12900K processor and RTX 3080 Ti GPU.

GTX 1650 Benchmarks - Budget 1080p Gaming Performance

We benchmarked the Horizon 3 Core i3 GTX 1650 Gaming PC with four games to check out the 1080p performance of this budget graphics card

[SOLVED] GTA 5 Stuttering, Driving Lag And Frame Drops

This quick guide for NVIDIA GTX/RTX gamers will stop GTA 5 stuttering and prevent frame drops in just a few minutes!

Core i5-10400F RTX 3060 Ti Benchmarks - Horizon 5

Check out our latest 1440p benchmarks for the Horizon 5 gaming PC, kitted out with an Intel Core i5 10400F and RTX 3060 Ti for awesome FPS performance

GeForce RTX 3050 Gaming Benchmarks - Is It Worth It?

The RTX 3050 has dropped. We take a look at the new Nvidia GPU to see if the gaming benchmarks, early leaks and reviews were all hype.

Indie Game Highlights In Early 2022

We love indie games. What's not to love? Here's what you can expect in early 2022 from the indie studios we've been keeping an eye on.

PC Gamers vs. NFTs: We Just Want To Play Games

The backlash for NFT's is currently raging across the internet and gaming communities. Gamers give their view on the latest craze in new titles.

Even More Reasons Why You Need A Steam Deck

Steam Deck opens the door to a completely new era of mobile gaming. If you're on the fence about buying Valve's new device, here's what you should know.

An Updated List Of Upcoming PC Game Releases - Jan 2022

A few things have been moved around in the upcoming PC game release schedule, so we've compiled a list of top titles you're probably waiting for.

CES 2022, GeForce RTX 4090 and Intel Arc A380 News

Intel and Nvidia at CES 2022 plus Nvidia RTX 4090 predicted to leave RTX 3090 standing and Intel Arc A380 theoretically on par with RTX 3050 Ti mobile

Gaming PC January Sale - Time To Build Your Battlestation?

With savings of over £1500 on selected hardware, CCLs January Sale has certainly turned heads. Here's a quick round-up of the deals you can't miss!

AMD FSR Gains Momentum With Developers

AMD's FSR technology is a hit with developers, being adopted in top games and impressing the pants off reviewers. Can Intel or Nvidia still squeeze out AMD?

GPU Prices Will Fall In 2022 - What You Should Do Right Now

Several industry experts are agreeing and predicting GPU prices will fall in 2022. Here's why, and some advice on how to prepare your next gaming PC build

Interview With BuildAPC's Adam Andreasson recently rolled out their intuitive online PC builder tool for UK users. Adam Andreasson, founder of BuildAPC tells us more.

CCL's Hottest Products December 2021 + January Sales News

What were the top selling products in December? Sit back and check out what everyone snapped up on the run up to Christmas 2021.

The Laptops You Need To Play Halo Infinite In 2022

Halo Infinite has won over veterans and newcomers to the iconic series, with only mid-tier specifications required, it is within reach for most mobile gamers

5 Last Minute Gifts For The Gamer In Your Life

Left it a little late? These next day gamer gifts will be under the tree before Christmas Eve - from gaming PCs to RGB keyboard and mouse bundles!

Assassin's Creed Odyssey free to play until 20th December

Download and play the full version of Assassin's Creed Odyssey until 7pm your local time on December 20th, 2021.

End Of Year Round-Up - Best And Worst PC Technology 2021

We were joined by PC Centric, Toasty Bros and Zach's Tech Turf for an end of year round-up to discuss the best and worst PC tech of 2021

Is This The Perfect Gaming PC Bundle Under £1000?

Whether you're treating yourself or giving the gift of gaming to someone else, this great value bundle (including monitor) could be the hassle-free deal for you

High Performance Monitors For Hardcore Gamers

Go hardcore with one of these hand-picked, high performance monitors with Pro-Gamer features and incredible visuals

Upcoming PC Hardware Release Calendar 2022

What's happening with the GPU market? Will it recover in 2022? What is in store for budget gamers and PC enthusiasts in the coming months?

Black Friday Essential PC Upgrades For Gamers

Taking your E-sports and competitive gaming to the next level just got even easier with these huge deals on essential upgrades

Upcoming Confirmed Movie And Book Game Adaptations

20 Years Of Xbox: A Journey Shared By Millions

The past, present and future of Xbox gaming is highlighted during the 20th Anniversary event, and gamers are rewarded handsomely for their loyalty

Western Digital And Seagate Make Storage Cool Again

There have been some awesome NVMe and PCIe SSD announcements from the biggest storage manufacturers, and the good news keeps coming into 2022

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta - A Halo First Timer's Review

I have never played any Halo games before, and this is my first experience with the franchise. But I'm looking forward to it.

God of War is finally coming to PC in January 2022

An eagerly awaited first-party Sony exclusive is coming to PC, full three years after its initial release and 19.5 million PlayStation 4 copies later.

Xbox mini fridge is finally a reality, and we can't wait to "Xbox and Chill"

At this rate, we will soon have an entire kitchen powered by gaming consoles and their replicas...

Deathly Stillness - The Surprising Hit Zombie Shooter

In Deathly Stillness gameplay involves only two levels of killing zombies. Amazingly, the game was made in just 17 days and gamers are wanting more

GTA 6 - Everything We Know So Far

So, you thought you could get all the way through 2021 without any drama from the Rockstar camp? This looks doubtful as leakers and gaming theorists begin to circle around Rockstar with new GTA 6 "information".

Upcoming Ghost Recon will be a free-to-play online PvP and fans are furious

Ubisoft is jumping on the Battle Royale bandwagon with Ghost Recon Frontline, but massive multiplayer and battle royale don't sound very Ghost Recon to the fans.

Amazon Prime members can grab 10 new PC games this October for free

Their free games lineup includes Alien: Isolation, Ghostrunner, Star Wars Squadrons, Song of Horror and more!

Windows 11 - 5 Top Tips and Tricks

Now you've got your hands on the latest edition of Windows 11, here's our Top 5 Tips and Tricks to make your experience with the OS even better!

Scoot over to the side consoles, Capcom wants PC to be its main gaming platform

After decades of focusing mainly on arcade and consoles, Capcom's focus is about to shift to PC gaming as it aims to reach 50% of sales on PC and 50% of sales on console by 2022 or 2023.

October 2021 PC Games Release Schedule

There's lots to look forward to in October for PC gaming fans. The schedule is packed with much-awaited crowd pleasers from indie and AAA developers.

Halo Infinite Beta is opened to everyone this weekend

Last weekend's technical test kicked off for Halo insiders, but the upcoming test this weekend is open to everyone... with insider friends.

Toy Soldiers HD Launch Pushed Back To October 21st 2021

Toy Soldiers HD from Accelerate Games/Signal Studios promises to be one of the best nostalgic remakes we've seen in a long time.

Windows 11 Now Available on All CCL Gaming PCs And Systems

CCL is proud to announce that Windows 11 is now available as an option for all Gaming PC, Home, Business and Workstation systems and custom builds.

New World: Steam Top Seller & Twitch Top Streamed Game at Launch

The much anticipated MMO PC game from Amazon Games, New World is now the number one streamed game on Twitch, just three hours after launch.

Windows 11 Android Apps And Android Games - What You Need To Know

Microsoft Windows 11 will include native Android apps and Android games compatibility. Check release date, how to download APKs and more here.

Halo Infinite technical test weekend is ready to kick off

Get ready, Spartans! Halo Infinite technical previews are scheduled for this and next weekend, just ahead of the game's release on December 8th 2021.

Far Cry 6 Raytracing and FidelityFX Super Resolution are PC exclusive features

Far Cry 6 is only two weeks away from launch, and in a recent interview with the dev Stephanie Brenham, it was confirmed that Raytracing and FSR are the exclusive PC features.

The Technology Contributions of Sir Clive Sinclair

Sir Clive Sinclair was both a genius and a trailblazer in the world of technology. We look back at his achievements from 1940 - 2021.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is coming to PC in early 2022

Another two PlayStation exclusive remasters announced for the PC in Sony's latest attempt to bring more PlayStation games to PC players.

Razer Announce Gaming Finger Sleeves (With A Straight Face)

The Razer Gaming Finger Sleeves are not a miss-timed April Fool's joke, apparently. Available from stockists with a sense of humour?

Dying Light 2: Stay Human delayed again until February 2022

Techland confirmed today via Twitter that the upcoming Dying Light 2: Stay Human will have its release date pushed back to February next year.

Get ready for the Call of Duty: Vanguard cross-play, open beta weekend on PC

The PlayStation exclusive early access for Call of Duty: Vanguard has just ended, and the Xbox and PC gamers have their early access as well as open beta to look forward to this upcoming weekend.

Last chance to download Far Cry 3 for free

You've got until 7:30 am on September 11th to claim it!

Techland's Captivating Urban Legend "Rosemary" Audio Book - Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light developers, Techland, have just published the first audio stories that fans will recognise from the Dying City series.

Ubisoft reveals Far Cry 6 optimisation for PC

Ubisoft has gone the extra mile to optimise Far Cry 6 for PC players and they've not excluded the mid and lower spec setups.

Windows 11 update coming October 5 2021

Microsoft has finally announced the launch date of Windows 11, and it is just over a month away.

Cloudflare Will Use AMD EPYC Milan Instead Of Intel Ice Lake Xeons

Cloudflare Gen11 servers will use AMD EPYC Milan processors after Intel Ice Lake performance deemed “unattractive“

NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 471.96 WHQL driver is available and ready for download

Nvidia's Game Ready Drivers promise the best possible gaming experience on day one and we're excited for the new release.

Intel's ARC Alchemist GPU: Alchemist to be Intel's first dedicated gaming GPU

Intel's new flagship ARC Alchemist GPUs are coming to market in the first quarter of 2022, and we could not be more excited to see what's in store.

Tactus Group wins 2021 Microsoft Device Partner of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that our parent company Tactus Group has been named 2021 Microsoft Device Partner of the Year.

Official Statement Regarding RTX 3060 Pricing

CCL's official statement regarding the claims made about the pricing of the upcoming NVIDIA graphics cards.

CCL PC Systems Delivery Cut-Off Times

Information regarding delivery cut-off times for pre-Christmas delivery of CCL PC systems.

MACH.2 Multi-Actuator Hard Drive - Seagate Exos Enterprise

Seagate, as a leader in storage technology, is releasing to market MACH.2T multi-actuator technology hard disk drives (HDD).

PRESS: CCL Computers among Britain's fastest-growing companies

CCL Computers featured in HSBC's International Track 200 as one of Britain's mid-market private companies with the fastest growing overseas sales.

Cooler Master Announces MH751 & MH752 Gaming Headsets

Two new headsets with a focus on audio/mic quality and comfort.

Cooler Master introduces the MasterCase SL600M

Professional design meets gaming performance

Cooler Master Releases new ARGB Fan Range

Available in 120mm or 140mm sizes, plus a 120mm triple-pack.

Cooler Master Announces the ControlPad

The World's First Analog Keypad, on Kickstarter now!

Cooler Master Announces Hyper 212 Black Edition

Available with Black or RGB LED fan.

Cooler Master introduces the COSMOS C700M

Cooler Master launches the COSMOS C700M, the latest addition to the COSMOS series.

Cooler Master Releases Dual Surface RGB Mousepad

Smooth RGB Illumination with cloth and aluminium surfaces.

Thermaltake Releases Level 20 VT Case

Discover Elegance in Performance

Cooler Master announces the Wraith Ripper

The official Air Cooler for Gen 2 AMD Ryzen Threadripper

Cooler Master introduces the MasterBox MB530P

Addressable RGB out-of-the-box!

Cooler Master Debuts New MP510 Mousepads

New MP510 Mouse Pad range in S, M, L and XL sizes!

Cooler Master Releases the Gaming Mouse for Everyone

CM310 Ambidextrous RGB Gaming Mouse out now!

Cooler Master Introduce the MasterCase H500

Further expands the H-Series, known for its two 200mm fans.

Cooler Master Releases the CK550 Keyboard

New gaming keyboard series focuses on core features

Cooler Master Introduces the MasterCase H500M

Form and Function you can raise your glass to.

Cooler Master Introduces the MasterAir MA410M Cooler

RGB that emphasizes individuality

Cooler Master Announces the MasterBox MB510L

New mid-tower case with carbon-textured front panel.

Cooler Master introduces the MasterBox K-Series

The new K500L is out now, with the K500 following soon!

New Limit on Graphics Card Purchases

CCL are changing the limit of GPU purchases due to stock shortages and high demand.

Silence. Performance. RGB. All-in-One.

Cooler Master announce their new MasterLiquid ML240L/ML120L RGB All-in-One coolers

Cooler Master Announce Two New CPU Coolers

MasterAir MA610P and MA410P to strengthen the MasterAir cooling line-up

NZXT H Series PC Cases announced

H700i, H400i & H200i for different motherboard form factors

Cooler Master introduces the MasterWatt PSU Series

80+ Bronze Certified, semi-modular and semi-passive!

Cooler Master announce MasterCase H500P

The HAF is back!

Cooler Master release the Cosmos C700P Case

Iconic Exterior, Infinite Interior

Cooler Master announce MasterBox Lite 5 RGB Case

Now with RGB Fans!

Cooler Master Launches PBT Keycap Mechanical Keyboards

New PBT keycaps promise reduced wear and tear.

RYZEN 5 Processors

RYZEN 5 are next in the line of the new AMD ZEN architecture CPUs to hit the shelves this year.

CCL are attending Insomnia 60!

We are attending Insomnia 60 this spring! With plenty of prizes and great deals to be had during the entire weekend!

Cooler Master Launches MasterWatt Maker 1200 MIJ

80+ Titanium, fully modular, one of a kind product.

New MasterKeys Pro keyboards launched

Cooler Master complete their portfolio with the MasterKeys Pro S & Pro M

Cooler Master Announce Low-Profile MasterLiquid Coolers

MasterLiquid 120 and 240 with Low-Profile Dual Chamber pump design

Cooler Master launch MasterCase Pro 6

The mid-tower cousin of the MasterCase Pro 5 makes its debut.

Case Mod World Series 2017 underway!

The Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2017 begins in earnest

Cooler Master Reveal Cooler/PSU Compatability

Cooler Master announce cooler and power supply compatibility with Intel Kaby Lake and AMD Ryzen platforms.

Cooler Master Introduces the MasterWatt Lite Range

Cooler Master announce new 80+ ATX power supplies in 400W, 500W, 600W and 700W versions.

Cooler Master Launches the MasterMouse S & Lite S

Cooler Master launch their new MasterMouse S series, small gaming mice designed for claw-grip gamers!

Cooler Master Releases the MasterBox 5t Case

The MasterBox 5t is now available.

Cooler Master announces MasterCase Maker 5t gaming case

The latest in the MasterCase range from Cooler Master, catered specifically to gamers.

Cooler Master announce the MasterPulse Pro

Introducing the MasterPulse Pro Gaming Headset

Cooler Master announces the MasterBox 5 Case

The new MasterBox 5 case will be available in mid-July.

New Horizon PC Range Now Available!

We've launched our new Horizon range of systems with keen pricing and great gaming specifications

Rosewill Products Now Available at CCL.

CCL are now stocking Rosewill PC parts including home and gaming cases and power supplies.

WIN a Rosewill 600W Modular Power Supply!

We are giving away the Rosewill 600W gaming power supply! Find out the details on how to enter.

MSI Spring Cashback on Motherboards

Claim up to £40 from MSI on select motherboards this spring!

Reduced prices on Intel 535 Series SSDs

Intel quality & performance with a 5-year warranty! Intel 535 Series SSDs now at a reduced price.

EVGA Cashback on Select GTX 900 Series Graphics Cards

EVGA have announced a cashback offer on select NVIDIA GeForce© GTX graphics cards!

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Now in Beta

A shiny new version of Minecraft is now available to go with Windows 10

NVIDIA newly launched GTX 950 now in CCL PCs

Our range CCL Gaming PCs have now been updated to include the lastest release from NVIDIA the GeForce GTX 950

Windows 10 CCL PCs Now Available

Our entire range of PCs are now available with Windows 10 as an Operating System Choice.

Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 is loaded with New features, find out about Edge, Cortana, Xbox, hello and more here.

Windows 10 How to Upgrade

Running Windows Windows 7 or Windows 8 on your PC or Laptop? Here's how to Upgrade to Windows 10 for FREE

Summer Games Done Quick 2015

The annual speed running charity event is here!

Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti AMP! Extreme 6GB in stock!

The ZOTAC AMP! Extreme Edition NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Arrives at CCL

£20 Cashback on EVGA GeForce GTX 960 Graphics

Claim £20 Cashback when you buy a EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Graphics Card from CCL

New Products at CCL - 4th June 2015

A quick summary of the new lines at CCL in the past week - 28th May - 4th June 2015

Claim a FREE Gigabit USB3.0 Adapter with the TP-LINK AV1200 Powerline Kits

Claim a TP-LINK UE300 USB3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter with the TP-LINK AV1200 Powerline Adapter Kits

AMD Radeon 300 Series Released

AMD Radeon R7 360, 370, R9 380, 390 and 390X all launched

Kingston Announce USB Type-C Flash Drive

New USB 3.0 of the Kingston DataTraveler microDuo, offering storage for smartphones, tablets, PCs and Mac with USB Type-C Port

NVIDIA Launch GeForce GTX 980 Ti

Stock now arriving of the NEW GeForce GTX 980 Ti Graphics Cards

Cooler Master Launches NEW MasterCase at Computex

The World's First Mid-Sized Modular Tower with Exterior Expandability

New Products at CCL

A quick summary of the new lines at CCL in the past week - 11th May - 16th May 2015

New Products at CCL

A quick summary of the new lines at CCL in the past week - 27th Apr - 2nd May 2015

Kingston release 960GB version of their KC310 SSD

Kingston's largest business class solid-state drive.

New Products at CCL

A quick summary of the new lines at CCL in the past week - 22nd-28th Mar 2015

OCZ to launch NEW Vector 180 SSD

OCZ Vector 180 SSD Drives - It's Everything You Know About SSDs, But Better

Kingston 240GB V300 SSD only £59.98 Delivered

Limited Time Offer 24th - 27th March 2015

Logitech to launch MX Master Mouse

The new revolution is coming. MX Master - a precision instrument for masters of their craft.

New Products at CCL

A quick summary of the new lines at CCL in the past week - 15th-21st Mar 2015

CCL will be returning to Insomnia i54 this Easter!

CCL will be at the i54 Event at the Ricoh Arena 3rd - 6th April 2015