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Forza Motorsport Best PC Specs & Requirements

Immerse yourself in the world of high-speed racing with Forza Motorsport. Experience the thrill of precision driving, realistic graphics, and a vast collection of meticulously recreated cars. Choose your path, master the tracks, and compete in epic races to become a motorsport legend. Get behind the wheel and start your journey in the ultimate racing simulation.

Assassins Creed Mirage PC Specs & Requirements

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Assassin's Creed: Mirage, the next thrilling installment in the iconic action-adventure franchise. Join us as we delve into the rumors, speculations, and potential details surrounding this eagerly awaited entry in the Assassin's Creed series.

Fallout 5 PC Specs & Requirements

Discover the highly anticipated Fallout 5 in our comprehensive guide. Dive into the rumors, speculations, and potential details surrounding the next installment of this iconic post-apocalyptic RPG series.

GTA 6 Best PC Specifications and Minimum Requirements

Explore the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) in our comprehensive guide. Uncover the rumors, speculations, and potential details surrounding the next installment of this iconic open-world action-adventure series. Get ready for an immersive journey through the world of crime, action, and intrigue as we delve into what GTA 6 might have in store for players.

Counter-Strike 2 Best PC Specifications and Minimum Requirements

Discover the essential Counter-Strike 2 specs and PC requirements you need for an immersive gaming experience. Get insights into the hardware and software demands, optimizing your setup for top-tier gameplay in this thrilling first-person shooter sequel.

How to Optimise your PC or Laptop for Gaming

Unlock the Full Gaming Potential: Learn How to Optimize Your PC or Laptop for Gaming with Expert Tips and Tricks. Elevate Your Gaming Experience Today!

How to know when it's time to upgrade your PC

There are some clear signs that it's time to upgrade your computer, though. If you're finding it hard to get new games running, you're constantly juggling files to find some more storage space, or there are new features of new PCs that you feel you're missing out on, it might be time to update something.

Atlas Fallen: Best PC Specifications and Minimum Requirements

With the release of Atlas Fallen only a month away, it's a great time to take a look at the PC specifications you're likely to need to make the most of this dune-sliding desert RPG.

Ark Survival Ascended: Best PC Specifications and Minimum Requirements

Ark Survival Evolved is being remastered in Unreal Engine 5, as Ark Survival Ascended. The Ark community is divided... but what does it mean for your PC?

How To Create the Perfect Gaming and Work PC

I take a look at some dual-purpose PC scenarios, where combining work or skill development with gaming on the same system is the outcome you're looking for.

Starfield: Best PC Specifications and Minimum Requirements

Curious about Starfield but not sure what you need to run it? I take a look at the minimum and recommended PC specs and make some gaming PC recommendations.

Gen5 SSD vs Gen4 SSD - What's the Difference?

PCIe Gen5 is knocking on the door, with the first drives already hitting the market with some impressive read/write speed claims. Join us as we take a closer look at how Gen5 SSDs compare to Gen4, and whether it's worth investing in an upgrade.

DDR5 memory - Who needs it and why?

We look at the many reasons to choose DDR5, and the advancements over DDR4 in terms of performance and durability.

AMD Ryzen 7000X3D Series: Overview for Gamers and Creators

As AMD finds it feet again in the market, Intel are hot on the heels of the X3D performance gains. Can AMD stay ahead?

How to Get 120 FPS on Fortnite with Integrated Graphics

A dedicated graphics card is not always required to get a high framerate in the massively popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite. Here's why.

Top 5 Staff Picks Week 3: Components

Check out an awesome selection of components and hardware from the staff here at CCL. Pick up the right upgrade with these recommendations!

Montech: A Challenger In The Case Race?

We look at these awesome crowd pleasers from Montech: perfect for all budgets and packed with features of a premium chassis.

Building The Perfect Beginner Sim Racing Setup

Are you ready to dive into the world of sim racing? Find out how to build your perfect beginner setup with us in this end to end guide.

Top 5 Staff Picks Week 2: Laptops

Discover the ultimate selection of products from the experts at CCL. Read about our top 5 laptops, handpicked by our staff so you get the best of the best.

RTX 3050 Ti Gaming Laptops - Price vs Performance

One of the most versatile mobile GPUs, the RTX 3050 Ti ticks plenty of boxes for price and performance - and here's why

High-End Gaming Laptops - What To Look For

When portable performance and reliability matters, a high-end gaming laptop needs to tick a few boxes. Here's what you need to know.

Top 5 Staff Picks Week 1: Peripherals

Check out the best of our products according to the staff at CCL. Looking for a mouse or keyboard? Need a new gaming headset? Here's our top 5 peripherals!

Best Beginner 3D Printers 2023

With a focus on budget and simplicity, these printers are the best way to get started and learn more about 3D printing in general.

PLA vs PETG Filament - Which is better for 3D Printing?

With varying benefits and requirements, choosing between PLA and PETG might be confusing for beginner 3D printers. This article explains each in detail, and how they can be used.

3D Printers For Beginners - What To Look For

We take a look at the best 3D printers for beginners, including features, materials and essential equipment to get started

Beginners Guide to 3D Printing - Tips, Tricks & Mistakes To Avoid

Discover 3D printing tips and tricks with this beginner-friendly guide. Learn how to look after or mod your printer, and avoid common mistakes.

NVIDIA Studio - New RTX 40-Series benefits for creators

Whether you're an online content producer, an artist, or a video editor, graphics horsepower is key; the backbone of content creation

What is the best way to level a 3D printer?

We take you through the process of levelling the bed of your 3D printer and why it's essential to ensure that your 3D printer is levelled correctly.

RTX 4080 vs RTX 4090 - Is the high price tag worth it?

The next generation of RTX graphics cards are up to 4x faster than the 3090 Ti, but are they really going to be worth it for gamers and creators?

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Use Cleaning Software

You see the ads everywhere - PC cleaning software that promises to fix all of your slow PC issues and fragmented files. Don't use them - here's why

AiO Water Cooling Best Setup (Don't Get It Wrong)

Incorrectly installing an AiO water cooling system for your CPU can seriously degrade performance. Here's how to do it right, according to experts.

The Best Graphics Cards Money Can Buy

The GPU line-up for 2023 is a feast for the senses. Our guide will help you navigate the landscape for value and performance.

RTX 40-Series Laptops vs RTX 30-Series Gaming Laptops

We learn about the new RTX 40-Series laptops and compare the specs and features to the popular RTX 30-Series in our in-depth guide.

First Things To Do With A New Gaming PC as a parent

Unlock a world of entertainment for your family with a new gaming PC! Dive into the first steps every parent should take to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for their children.

13th-Gen Raptor Lake CPUs That Will Redefine Mobile Gaming

Introducing the 13th-generation Raptor Lake CPUs from Intel, designed to revolutionize mobile gaming experience with unmatched performance and advanced features. Get ready to take your gaming to the next level

B450 vs B550 vs X570 - Which AMD Motherboard Should You Buy?

We look at AM4 socket B450, B550 and X570 motherboards for AMD's Ryzen CPUs to find the best value and most popular boards for gaming PC builds

How Does a Dual PC Streaming Setup Work?

What is Dual PC Streaming, how does it work, and is it worth considering?

RTX 4090 vs RTX 4080 vs RTX 4070Ti Gaming Benchmarks

We compare some of the top AAA titles in 1440p and 4K for the RTX 4090, RTX 4080 and RTX 4070Ti. Which is the best value benchmarked GPU?

Best Graphics Cards for Gaming 2023

Discover the best graphics cards of 2023 in our comparison article. We balance performance and price for your gaming or content creation needs

4080 vs 4070 which laptop GPU should should I buy?

A rundown of the RTX 40-series laptop GPUs, and a comparison between the two potentially best selling versions - the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070

DLSS 3: How it works, who needs it, and why

As the RTX 40-series continues to roll out from NVIDIA, DLSS 3 is one of the hottest topics. Here's what you need to know

RTX 4080 vs RTX 4070 Ti - Which GPU for gamers and creators?

We compare the RTX 4080 16Gb and the RTX 4070 Ti, looking at benchmarks, value for money and performance for gamers and creators.

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture Explained - What's New?

An introduction to ADA Lovelace architecture and why it is the most significant quantum leap for PC enthusiasts.

Intel Core i5 11400 vs AMD Ryzen 5 4600G

Two excellent 6-Core processors, the Ryzen 5 4600G and the Core i5-11400 are compelling options for entry level gaming. But which CPU is the best value?

Integrated graphics - Intel or AMD?

Here's our quick fire rundown of the integrated graphics (APU/iGPU) from Intel and AMD - and which one you should choose

How to 3D print your own Catan board

Discover how to 3D print and paint your own boards and pieces for Catan, the incredibly popular German-style board game!

The best PC for gaming, editing and live streaming on Twitch

We look at the best Twitch streaming PC build for AAA+ gaming, with enough performance for editing 4K video clips and VODs

What PSU do I need for an ITX PC case?

With a Mini-ITX build, you have the option to use either ATX or SFX PSU form factor. Which should you choose and why?

Stocking Filler Gifts for Gamers

If you're struggling for gamer gift inspiration these stocking fillers for under £30 might be exactly what you're searching for.

Christmas Gifts for Gamers 2022

Join us for a run down of our Christmas gifts for gamers in 2022, featuring gifts for both PC and console gamers and for a range of budgets.

Is the GTX 1650 the best budget GPU?

The GTX 1650 is perfect for Minecraft and first-person shooters - but is it the best value graphics card at this price point?

What Is Wi-Fi 7? The Ultimate Guide To Next-Gen Connectivity

Learn how Wi-Fi 7 delivers faster speeds, reduced latency, increased network capacity and efficiencies on laptops and desktop PCs

Creality Ender-3 V2 Neo: The Perfect Entry Level 3D Printer?

The Ender-3 V2 Neo 3D printer is Creality's latest entry level printer in the series. Is it worth upgrading, and how does it compare to previous Enders?

First Gaming PC - The Buying Guide For Non-Techy Parents

If you're buying a gaming PC for the first time this year, it can get confusing. This guide will help you choose the perfect PC, whatever your budget.

What is the difference between PCIe Gen 3 and PCIe Gen 4?

PCIe Gen 3 and PCIe Gen 4 SSDs are very different, but how do you get the best performance and value for money from your storage upgrade?

How much does it cost leaving my PC on 24/7?

There are many reasons why you'd want to leave your PC running overnight, but at what cost? Is it unhealthy for your hardware? Here's what you need to know.

How to choose the best PSU for your gaming PC?

Milyana takes a look at what you should keep in mind when you're choosing a power supply for your gaming rig.

Build an Energy Efficient Gaming PC that will save you money

Gaming PCs don't have to be power-sucking beasts. This guide will show you how you can build a gaming PC AND save money with the right hardware choices

How to make your current Gaming PC more Energy Efficient

If you're looking for ways to save money on energy bills, there are plenty of ways to make sure your gaming PC is consuming less power.

Which Processor...? Top 10 Questions Answered!

A significant part of any laptop or PC, the processor is a complex beast. We took a look at the most asked questions on Google about CPUs.

The Best Gaming Laptops Under £1000

If you're on a fixed budget with a gaming laptop, here's a list of the best models that offer the best value and spec, pound for pound.

Gigabyte Laptops For Gaming, Streaming And Editing

We lined up three of Gigabyte's best gaming laptops, in three budget ranges and ranked them for gaming, streaming and video editing capabilities.

Build A DIY Home Media Server On A Budget

How and why smart consumers are now ditching expensive Cloud storage and building cheap DIY NAS home media servers using SATA HDDs

Microsoft 365 - Is it worth buying?

Microsoft 365 offers unmatched productivity for home, student and business users. Explore the options with us, and find out which plan is right for you.

Price vs Performance - AMD RX 7000-series graphics cards

The main conversation around AMD 7000-series GPUs right now is price vs performance, as consumers predict NVIDIA Lovelace panic

Should you wait for the RTX 40-series?

Rumours aside, we take a look at the benefits of waiting for the Lovelace RTX 40-series, due to drop some time in 2022

7 Reasons To Upgrade Your Motherboard

There are a few reasons you'd want to swap out your motherboard. Here's when and why it might be time for a change.

3 Things You Should Do AFTER You Buy A Motherboard

If you are upgrading your motherboard or building a new PC, there are a few steps you should take to avoid any problems arising

Which is better, PC Gaming or Console Gaming?

PC Gaming or Console Gaming is one of the greatest debates in the gaming community. Which is cheaper, which has better specs etc. In this article we compare both and give our verdict on which we prefer.

Which is better, Desktop PC or Laptop PC?

When it comes to purchasing a gaming PC, is it better to go for the portability of a laptop, or the more affordable desktop? We compare all aspects of a PC Desktop and PC Laptop and see which is better.

Choosing A Motherboard Bundle

Buying a motherboard bundle is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to upgrade your PC, but how do you get the best value?

PC build for deep learning under £4000

We walk you through building a PC that is capable of high performance deep learning AI and machine learning, without overspending.

AMD Ryzen 5 4600G - Is It Worth It?

From AMD's entry level gaming processor range, the Ryzen 5 4600G is a budget and crowd pleasing CPU that does exactly what it says on the box.

How to get into your UEFI BIOS and Advanced Mode

We've listed how to get into your BIOS - Basic Input / Output System - for each manufacturer, and the advanced settings you can access.

What is TPM and why do I need it?

There are still many of us Windows PC owners who don't know much about TPM (or if they even have it). Here's what you need to know.

Laptops for cloud gaming, Minecraft and study: Introducing Geo

We've highlighted a few of the versatile Geo laptops for children and students, expertly balancing affordability with educational and gaming needs.

The Gaming PC You Need To Start Streaming

Want to get started in streaming? We find out if now is a good time to start streaming and which specifications and PCs are perfect for streamers of all levels

Minecraft RTX Gaming Laptop: Ray Tracing + Pretty Graphics!

An RTX 3050 Ti gaming laptop might just be the perfect spec and price to play Minecraft with Ray Tracing, pretty graphics and shader mods.

The AMD Ryzen 5000 Series - What You Need To Know

We look at the specifications designed for gamers, enthusiasts and creators, and how the AMD 5000 series offers both value and performance.

The Best Gaming Laptops Under £2500

We graded our selection of laptops based on their ability to deliver the goods in content creation, streaming and of course - top end gaming.

Fnatic Boaster Valorant Settings

In our first Valorant Masterclass we check out the crosshair, keybinds, video and pro settings used by Fnatic's energetic fragging IGL, Jake "Boaster" Howlett

Valorant Skye Icebox Guide - Pro Tips

Skye is not a common pick for Icebox, with few pro tip guides out there. So, we asked Fnatic Boaster how to get the best out of her in a ranked game

Esports - How To Go Pro Part 2

In this second part, learn how to get noticed, networking, emulating success, and importantly, the gear you need to make it as a pro.

Esports - How To Go Pro Part 1

If you think you're good enough to go professional and become an Esports athlete, here's everything you need to know before you make the leap.

Portable SSD Storage - Do You Need It?

The many benefits of SSD are obvious when it comes to internal storage, so is portable SSD worth it for gaming and creative workflows?

How I built a 12th-Gen RTX 3080 rig for under £1000

A motherboard bundle and GeForce Now means you get the gaming rig of your dreams - all for under £1000!

High End PCs - Gaming Without Limits

With high performance RTX graphics cards and running the latest AMD Ryzen processors, these are the ultimate PCs for serious gaming

Ultimate Gaming Brands

For gaming PC excellence, which brands should you choose?

Gaming In Your Downtime - How Do You Do It?

If you are a gamer who works long hours, enjoys short weekends, and has limited leisure time, budgeting for a gaming PC or laptop is important.

Work Hard, Play Hard - Your Laptop Buying Guide

For the budget-conscious student, a gaming laptop needs to multi-task work and play without compromise.

Is a gaming PC or laptop worth it for casual gamers?

Casual gamers love pick up & play games without a huge time investment to get the best experience - but do you need a gaming spec for casual games?

The easy way to keep your PC clean - good airflow!

The absolute best way to keep your PC clean and running smoothly is to focus on airflow optimisation. Here's how to optimise your case airflow for performance

Refresh your storage - Seagate SSD best sellers compared

It's Spring again; time to throw out the old and plug in the new. We look at the best sellers for Seagate SSD storage to help you compare

Mites, cats and flesh - Inside nasty PCs and gamer lairs

What lurks inside your keyboard? What happens to your PC when you vape near it? Sit back and (try to) enjoy this Spring special on PC hygiene!

Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X - Is It Worth It?

The power hungry Alder Lake processors have proven that they need a serious motherboard to get the best out of them. Just how good is the Z690 Gaming X?

Overclock Core i9 12900K For Gaming & Performance

What you need to overclock Intel's Alder Lake 12th Gen Core i9-12900K, and what you should know about thermal issues and overheating

CCL Customer Poll - What Do You Want To See From CCL In 2022?

We recently ran a giveaway and asked the question: what do you want to see more of this year? The results are in, and you might be surprised!

The Best Gaming PCs To Play God of War

God of War for PC is set to be one of the biggest releases in recent years. But what specifications or new hardware do you need to play it?

Best Value VR Ready Gaming PC - Updated Jan 2022

Step into VR with a PC to meet your gaming needs and budget. Here are the specs you need for Oculus Quest 2, HP Reverb, HTC Vive, and Valve Index VR gaming.

The Best PC For Blender - Value And Performance Specs

With this guide we're aiming to find the best value PC for Blender, with speed and performance that does not come at too high a premium.

What Computers Do NASA, SpaceX And Blue Origin Use?

If any company needs total reliability and performance, it's NASA. We look at the technology used in space exploration, and the new space race tech.

Which Is The Best Selling 27 Inch Curved Monitor?

With hundreds of sales and happy gamers, we took a look at the ViewSonic VX2718-2KPC-MHD, best-selling 27 inch curved monitor according to our customers

Next Day MSI Laptops For Remote Work And Gaming

Remote working and flexible working is now commonplace in the UK, and these powerful laptops are ideal for working and playing hard in 2022

Is An AMD Threadripper Worth It? Part 2 of 2

We discuss the origins, present and future of the legendary processor, asking if a Threadripper is still worth it for gaming and workstation use.

Is An AMD Threadripper Worth It? Part 1 of 2

We discuss the origins, present and future of the legendary processor, asking if a Threadripper is still worth it for gaming and workstation use.

The Best Gaming Laptops For Students

If you're buying for a student who likes to spend their downtime gaming, then a laptop is ideal. We've curated a list of the best value laptops that can do both!

Get The All White PC Aesthetic This Christmas

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? These white PC cases are the perfect aesthetic for the most wonderful time of the year!

How Multiple Monitors Make Your Life Easier In 2022

With a double or triple monitor setup, your workflow will go into overdrive in 2022. See how these affordable multiple displays can help you game and work smarter.

Guilt-Free, Affordable PC Upgrades You Deserve

With huge savings on components and hardware, there's no need to feel guilty this year. Upgrade your gaming setup or start your build with these great deals.

Treat Yourself To A Photo Editing PC This Christmas

Whether you're taking up photography next year or plan on editing those festive pics, you need a capable PC. Here's our top pick for December 2021.

Stocking Filler Gifts For PC Gamers Of All Ages 2021

Stuck for gift inspiration? These gaming stocking fillers under £50 will make someone smile, whatever their age.

Christmas RGB Light Profiles And Themes For A Festive Aesthetic

Here's how to easily set up your Corsair iCUE, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, ASUS Aura Sync or generic themes to light up your rig in gorgeous festive colours this Christmas!

Connected Christmas for the whole family

Whether you'll be gaming this Christmas, talking to family abroad or surfing the internet as a family, we all want to stay connected this Holiday Season.

Most Wanted Gaming Headsets For Christmas 2021

We've listed the best headsets for PC, covering competitive and FPS gaming, listening to music, Discord chat and everything in between.

The best monitors for console gamers Christmas 2021

If you're looking for a present for a console gamer in your life and don't know where to start, we've got some great suggestions to help you out.

The Best Budget Gaming PCs December 2021

We lined up the best performing budget gaming PCs starting at £595 capable of running the best games of 2021 and awesome upcoming releases

Game Pass For PC And Cloud Gaming - Using A Controller

Using a controller for Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming is usually simple, but here are some of the most common problems and fixes.

How Much VRAM Do You Really Need?

There are plenty of misconceptions about VRAM, memory allocation and memory used when playing games. We investigate how much VRAM you really need.

Best Monitor For Photo Editing - November 2021

Your monitor is extremely important if you use photo editing software, so this handy guide should help you choose the right display.

The Most Popular Gaming PC Spec In November 2021

Our PC builder tool allows you to configure a custom PC in a few minutes. One gaming PC spec was more popular than others in November, and here's why.

The Ultimate Cloud Gaming PC GeForce NOW RTX 3080

With the new RTX 3080 streaming options from Nvidia GeForce NOW, more gamers are choosing AAA Cloud gaming until graphics cards become affordable.

Best PC For 4K Video Editing and Content Creation

If you are looking for a PC capable of up to 4K video editing, YouTube content creation, and anything in between, here's the budget and spec you need.

PC Life Hacks That Actually Work

Life hacks are great. But it's rare we see them for IT professionals, where there is a wealth of knowledge and experience on offer. Here are our favourites.

Mini-ITX Case Buyers Guide 2021

The small form factor Mini-ITX case is an ultra-portable, space saving, and extremely flexible chassis option. We explore how to choose your Mini-ITX case.

The Best All ROG Gaming PC Build 2021

We selected the very best ROG components for the ultimate gaming PC build, from motherboard to gaming chair, with a budget of £2300

How To Benchmark Games With On-Screen Display

If you just bought or built a new gaming PC, chances are you want to see how it performs with games. Here's how to benchmark quickly and easily.

16:10 Monitors - A Buyers Guide

16:10 monitors are still popular, and generally preferred by gamers wanting more vertical field of view. Here's what you need to know before you buy.

Cyber Monday 2020 vs Cyber Monday 2021 What Deals To Expect

Cyber Monday 2020 might have been strange IRL, but the deals were quite predictable. What deals can we expect in 2021 from IT and gaming retailers?

Buying The Best 60 Mechanical Keyboard - Mega Guide

Taking your MnK (mouse & keyboard) gaming to the next level? A 60 mechanical keyboard is a great idea. Here's what you need to know before you buy.

Best PC Gaming Mouse 2021

Hand cramping up from that nasty old plastic rodent? It might be time to upgrade to an ultra-comfortable, high performance PC gaming mouse

Top 10 Things You Should Never Do With Your PC

There are a few things you should NEVER do with a brand new PC, even though YouTube told you it would be a good idea. We'll cover the major ones here.

12 Applications Every Gaming PC Must Have

Once your new gaming PC is up and running, there are some must-have applications that will hopefully make your life easier and improve your experience

Gaming PC Under £600 - What Games Can I Play

With GPU prices still incredibly high, budget conscious gamers and parents are feeling it the most. Here are the best games for a budget gaming PC

PlayStation 5 - How Many Games Can You Store?

In the real world, consoles are used by more than one person in a household and fill up fast. Realistically, how many games can you store on a PS5?

Choosing The Best CPU Cooler - A Buyers Guide

This guide highlights the pros and cons of some of our best selling and great value CPU coolers, comparing some of the best CPU coolers for every budget.

How to Choose an Ethernet Cable

If you're looking at Ethernet (or network) cables, you'll often see them referred to as 'CAT 5e' or 'CAT 6', 'Shielded' or 'Crossover'. But, what does this all mean, and how can you choose the right cable for you? Keep reading to find out.

The must-have accessories for a mid-tier Gaming Laptop

We take a look at some of the best accessories you can get for your Gaming Laptop

Best Value White Gaming PC Under £800

White gaming PCs are as popular as ever, and white components are readily available. With a budget of £800 we look at the best options for this aesthetic.

Keycaps for UK Keyboards: Buyers Guide

Two brands stand out more than most with keycaps; Tai Hao and Ducky. Both are perfect for both the new and the veteran keycap modder... here's why.

B560 vs H570 vs Z590 - Which Intel Motherboard Should You Buy?

The LGA 1200 chipset B560, H570 and Z590 motherboards for Intel's Rocket Lake CPUs: Expect surprisingly good value & performance for gaming builds

How to get Windows 11

Microsoft today released Windows 11 for general availability, and there are several ways that you can install the new operating system. Let's go through them!

How and Where to Play Test Upcoming AAA and Indie Games

The last few months have been amazing for gaming. We've seen invites for play tests being sent for Battlefield 2042, Halo Infinite, Age of Empires 4 and Call of Duty: Vanguard among many others. But how do you get one of those invites and can you get in on the action?

What is the Best Gaming PC Case?

We take a look at the recommendations of some of the most trusted industry titans on what the best Gaming PC case is right now.

The All White PC Setup

Where some PC builders are constructing rigs that look like a neon rainbow, there are a good amount of people who are looking for that minimalistic or clean look of a white PC build.

The Best SSD For PS5 And How To Install It

The update PS5 owners were waiting for - the ability to upgrade the SSD storage. This guide takes you through an SSD upgrade from start to finish.

Ryzen 5 3600 vs Intel Core i5-10400F - Best Budget Gaming PC Build

The reasonably priced and readily available Intel Core i5-10400F is ideal for anyone looking to build a budget gaming PC with stacks of power.

Choosing The Best Laptop For Photo Editing

Having an efficient workflow when you're on the move means finding the best photo editing laptop that offers performance, mobility and reliability.

What Is The Best Storage For A Gaming PC In 2021?

The latest games use more storage than ever before, so we compared the best performing SSD and HDD storage for gaming PCs in 2021.

How do silent PC power supplies work?

If you're a gamer, the last thing you want is to struggle to hear your game over your power supply. Can this be reduced? Learn how a silent PC power supply works.

Best free cross-play games you can play with your console or PC friends in 2021

Cross-platform gaming has exploded. Here are some of the best free cross-play games you can play on console or PC in 2021.

The Best Open World Games for PC and Steam

We look at some of the best and biggest open world games and sandbox games available on PC and Steam in 2021

Can You Get a VESA Desk Mount for Two Screens?

From design work to gaming, sometimes one screen isn't enough. Find out what VESA desk mount dual designs are available for mounting two screens.

How Does a Mesh Wi-Fi System like Ubiquiti Amplifi Work?

Are you looking for information on mesh systems? Then check out this guide with Ubiquiti that will provide details on how this system functions.

RGB PC Build Guide - September 2021

From cold cathode tubes to modern ARGB LED lighting, the RGB PC build has evolved. We look at your options for the perfect RGB build.

Game Pass For PC - How It Works And How To Get It!

PC Game Pass is now out of public beta, and subscriptions are available for just £1. We ask what is Game Pass for PC and how it works.

What Is The Best Laptop For Home Learning Students

In this guide: Which home learning laptops have the best features for students? Which spec is best for your course? What budget do you need?

Streaming PC Build - Budget Streaming Setup

Time for a streaming PC build? Here's how to decide which hardware and software will take your Twitch and YouTube streaming to the next level.

What is overclocking and should you overclock your PC?

You might have heard a lot of PC gamers and crypto miners talk about 'overclocking' their PCs and wondered what it means and whether or not you should try overclocking your PC.

What is monitor latency (Input lag) and why it matters in gaming?

Taking a look at input lag and how it can affect gaming on your PC.

Best Wall Mountable Monitor

Whether you want to increase desk space or have a multiple monitor setup, then you need the best wall mountable monitor for the job.

Should You Buy a Used PC Case?

Are you looking for a used PC case? Check out some of these tips for making sure you find the best option for your needs.

SSD vs. HDD: Myths, Lies And Terabytes

Before we start talking about what SSDs are or how SSDs are good for gamers, let's get one thing out in the open here...

How to choose the best monitor for your gaming PC

Gaming monitors come in myriad of different sizes and specs, so choosing the right monitor for you can be confusing and overwhelming.

What is the Best Wireless WiFi Dongle for PC?

Are you looking for some information on a wireless WiFi Dongle for PC? Then check out this short analysis to learn more.

Apex Legends FPS Boost - Mega Guide

Whether you're new to the game or have been playing for a while, you've probably been wondering how to boost FPS (Frames Per Second) in Apex Legends.

How to Choose the Right SSD for Your Computer

Picking the right Solid State Drive (SSD) can make a real difference to your system's performance. But how do you decide which one to go for? Read on to find out.

The Complete Gaming PC Glossary: A Guide to Terminology

Unless you're a hardcore gamer, shopping for a Gaming PC means encountering what seems like an alien language. GPUs? CPUs? PSUs? We wouldn't blame you if your eyes start to glaze over with all of the acronyms and abbreviations. But, we're here to help. The team at CCL has put together a complete Gaming PC glossary. Carry on reading and we'll take you through terminology you need to know...

Can You Use a Gaming Laptop for Streaming?

Can you stream from a gaming laptop? It's a question more and more gamers are asking as platforms such Twitch, Discord and others become ever more popular. Today's hardware and games integrate with streaming better than ever, so can you really stream from a laptop? Keep on reading to find out...

Should You Buy a Desktop PC or a Laptop for Gaming?

The battle between laptops and desktops is one that seems like it stretches back to the dawn of time (well, the 1990s at least). When it comes to gaming, the battle is a valid one. Both laptops and desktops have their passionate fans. But, which one is right for you? If you're trying to decide between a laptop or a desktop for gaming, keep on reading to discover the pros and cons of each.

What is Cloud Gaming?

You've probably heard quite a bit about cloud gaming of late. With Xbox Cloud Gaming becoming available on iOS and PC, as well as the 'thing' that is Google Stadia, interest in cloud gaming is at an all-time high. But, what exactly is it? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about cloud gaming...

Gaming Monitor Buying Guide 2021

A monitor is just a monitor right? Wrong! If you're serious about gaming, then selecting the right monitor can make a huge difference to your gaming performance. But, what type of monitor is best? There are so many different options and features to look at, it can make your head spin. Luckily, CCL is here to help with our guide to gaming PC monitors.

Pre-Built Gaming PC Buying Guide

If you want to get into PC gaming quickly and with minimal fuss, then buying a pre-built gaming PC is often the best option. But before you hit the buy button, here are some things you need to think about...

What Is GeForce Experience and Why Is It Installed on Your Computer?

If your computer contains an NVIDIA graphics card and you're wondering what the associated NVIDIA GeForce Experience software is, keep reading. The CCL team has taken a look at what features this software has and how it differs from other NVIDIA software such as Control Panel.

How to Choose RAM: Speed (MHz/CL) vs Capacity (GB)

If you've ever shopped around for system memory (RAM), or even a full PC, you're probably aware that RAM has its own 'speed', like that of a CPU or GPU. So, faster the better right?! Not quite. There's a little more to it than that. So, keep reading to find out how to intelligently choose RAM for your computer.

What Parts Do You Need to Build a Gaming PC?

More and more people are choosing to build their own Gaming PC and it's easy to see why. You can create a gaming rig that's completely custom to you. Plus, you'll know the ins and outs of your system so you can easily upgrade it in future. So, if you want to try building a Gaming PC yourself, what parts will you need? Keep reading to find out!

Should You Buy an AMD or NVIDIA GPU?

It's one of the perennial questions asked by gamers across the world: do AMD or NVIDIA make the best GPUs? It's an interesting debate to have. But when it comes to spending your own cold, hard cash you want a definitive answer. So, let's take a look and see whether you should buy an AMD or NVIDIA GPU...

How to Record Music on Your Computer - Part 1: The Computer

In this, the first in a new series of articles, we're going to look at what you need to do to create a home recording studio. We'll talk about the different computer components, hardware and software you'll need to get your music career started. We'll also look at how home recording has evolved. Along the way you'll encounter a variety of terms and ideas, but don't worry if you're unfamiliar with them - we'll be explaining these at a later date. Using a computer for recording music is a deep rabbit hole.

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