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Buying Guides

Best Streaming PC

We take a look at some of the best hardware options for a gaming & streaming PC.

Best Gaming PCs

Find the best Gaming PC for you in our 2023 run-down, with recommendations for different budgets and purposes below.

Choosing the best 1TB to 4TB SSD for your PlayStation 5 upgrade

The storage upgrade for PS5 feels necessary, as with only 667.2GB space that's game-ready it's not nearly enough to store and play some of the biggest, upcoming and AAA games.

What is a CPU processor, and what does it do?

Choosing the right CPU or Processor for your machine can be tricky, in this brief guide you should gain the knowledge you need to make an informed decision

Beginners Guide to Motherboards

This guide covers the basics of hunting down the perfect motherboard and the key points you need to look for when choosing one

Best gaming laptops for Forza Horizon 5

A graphically demanding game for PCs, Forza Horizon 5 is a beautiful open world racing game that can still be enjoyed on a budget - if you're smart about your settings.

The WD Blue SN550 SSD - Is It Worth Buying?

Why is the WD Blue SN550 SSD one of the best selling Solid State Drives? We look at the SSD market history, and how the SN550 fits perfectly into it.

AMD AM4 Motherboards - A520 vs B550 vs X570

An AMD gaming PC build in 2021 means lots of motherboard options. We look at the best AM4 A520, B550 and X570 boards for budget and features.

New to CCL This Week

New products arriving all the time here in our warehouse

Whats New to CCL This Week

Another Entry, showing you whats fresh at CCL

Powerline Networking - A Beginners Guide

1.21 Gigawatts? What's all this mains networking about? Doc. Mat takes out the science and gives us the basic rundown of mains networking.

Basic CCL Laptop Coolers and Stands Information

Basic information on Laptop Coolers and Stands

Basic CCL Laptop Docking Station Information

This article gives a basic overview to the CCL laptop docking station range

Basic CCL Replacement Laptop Battery Information

A basic overview of why you would consider purchasing a new or alternative laptop battery

Basic CCL Laptop Bag Information

This article covers what you need to know about laptop bags on CCL's online store

Introduction to Netbooks

A basic introduction into what a netbook is and what to look for in their specifications when making a purchase

Laptop Memory Introductory Guide

This guide provides basic information on the often confusing world of laptop memory

Desktop Memory Introductory Guide

This guide provides basic information on the often confusing world of desktop memory

A basic introduction to Memory Card Readers

A card reader is a device which allows you to insert the memory cards used by devices such as Digital Cameras, Phones and games consoles into them to transfer data to and from your PC.

An introduction to UPS Battery Backup

This guide should give anyone interested in protecting their equipment with an UPS the basic grounding to make the right purchase

A beginners guide to USB Memory Sticks

This guide gives a very brief introduction in how to select your first USB Memory Stick

Laptop Buying Guide

This updated guide covers what you need to know about the different laptop options currently available and how to pick the right one for you.

A basic introduction to Printers

This guide gives a basic overview of your options when purchasing a modern printer

A basic guide to network Routers

This basic guide covers the main types of Router and what key features to look at

How do I know which graphics card is right for me?

It is a tough question, but in this guide I hope to help you choose your perfect graphics card.

Optical Drive Buying Guide

This guide covers Optical Drives, a brief overview of the different types of media and what you need to look for when buying a new drive

What is a Serial or Parallel Controller Card?

A brief introduction to Serial and Parallel Controller Cards

What is a controller card?

A brief explanation of what a controller card is and the features they offer

Beginners Guide to Memory Cards

This guide covers the process of choosing the right memory card for your device and what the most common types of memory card are; from SD and Compact Flash to XD.

Networking Buying Guide

A well connected home, but how?

TV Tuner Buying Guide

The PC add-in card you never knew you needed.

Beginners Guide to Power Supplies

This guide will give any reader the basic knowledge to comfortably go and purchase a new PSU that is a suitable unit for their PC. Remember more specific advice is available from our sales and technical teams both pre and post sales.

Beginners Guide to Sound Cards

This guide aims to cover basic questions many customers have today over what a Sound Card is, what place it has in a modern system and why they should consider purchasing one.

Monitor Buying Guide

This guide covers the basic points to look at when you consider buying a new monitor

Tablet PC Buying Guide

Which Version of Windows 8 is Right For Me?

Let's take a look at what editions of Windows 8 will be released and find which one you will need.