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Posts by Kyle G2

Windows 10 CCL PCs Now Available

Our entire range of PCs are now available with Windows 10 as an Operating System Choice.

Windows 10 How to Upgrade

Running Windows Windows 7 or Windows 8 on your PC or Laptop? Here's how to Upgrade to Windows 10 for FREE

Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 is loaded with New features, find out about Edge, Cortana, Xbox, hello and more here.

Nvidia launch GeForce GTX 980 & 970 Graphics Cards!

Nvidia have today launched two new GPUs, both offering massive performance gains, power savings and increased features over the previous generation - all for less than the cards they replace!

Intel Small Business Advantage

A brief guide into Intel Small Business Advantage (SBA) and its software suite.

AMD to launch FX-9590 Refresh Package

By including an AIO Watercooler the FX-9590 will become a more attractive bundle

Google Glass Explorer Programme now open in the UK

Google begins to reach out to UK users who have shown an interest in Google Glass

BenQ announce new range of monitors aimed at improving eye health

BenQ attempt to combat the dominance of IPS screens in the premium market with a range of VA LED screens aimed at being vision friendly

Windows 8.1 Update 1 spotted in the wild in the UK

Yesterday at 6pm, Microsoft released the first major update to Windows 8.1

Windows XP market share drops to "just" 27% a week before its end of support

Windows XP market share finally shows signs of dropping, but users are not migrating to Windows 8

EA gives away Dead Space for free via Origin

Electronic Arts makes the original Dead Space game free via its Origin online digital platform

Microsoft launches Office for iPad

The Apple iPad has received a boost from an unlikely source in its credibility as a business devices thanks to Microsoft Office being available on the tablet for the first time

CCL Look at the Vertex 460 240GB SSD

Is this latest drive from OCZ worth looking at? We certainly think so, find out more within!

Shuttle announces 43mm Thin Rugged Slim PC for LGA1150 Intel Haswell Processors

Interesting new barebones from Shuttle, ideal for ePos solutions

BT Broadband is most complained about provider for Q4 2013

In the latest Ofcom report BT has come out as the most complained about ISP

Toshiba LX830-137 23" All in One - Review

Tom takes a look at the latest and maybe even the best value Toshiba all in one to hit CCL's Shelf

Transport Tycoon coming to iOS and Android

With an expected launch date later this year, prepare to lose sleep, friends and family to one of the most addictive games ever made!

CCL Launch two new Firestorm Photoshop Workstation PCs!

Today two new workstations have entered the CCL Firestorm workstation range, perfect for Photoshop enthusiasts and professionals!

New Gem range of Business PCs available from CCL!

CCL have launched a brand new range of Gem Business PCs, offering improvements in performance, value for money and operational costs over the previous generation.

Douglas Engelbart sadly passes away

Sad news today as one of the true computing visionaries passes away.

Connected Data Transporter - Two Weeks In...

BLOG 2: Tom continues his adventures in the world of The Cloud. For those who have not come across the Transporter before, it is quite simply an ingenious NAS device that emulates services such as Microsoft's SkyDrive and the ever popular Dropbox.

Western Digital Acquiring sTec to expand further into the Enterprise SSD market

Western Digital keeps its momentum going by making another strategic acquisition in the enterprise SSD market.

Toshiba has announced a slimmer 7mm Solid State Hybrid Drive

Toshiba has just announced the catchy named MQ01ABFH, which is a 7mm thin Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD).

Netflix Makes Deal with DreamWorks to Produce Over 300 Hours of Original Content

Could the future of internet film & TV be in original content, not re-runs?

AMD's flagship A10-6800K APU breaks 8.00GHz!

The top of the line AMD Richland A10-6800K APU shows its overclocking potential with a 8.00GHz record.

Console Wars: This time will the PC be the winner?

Every generation there is an epic battle, SNES vs. Mega Drive, PlayStation vs. Nintendo 64, Xbox vs. PS2, Xbox 360 vs. PS3 and now we have Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4. The question is at this early stage who will be the winner of this generation.

Connected Data Transporter - The future of Cloud storage?

BLOG 1: Tom takes a look at the new Transporter from Connected Data that allows anyone, anywhere to setup their own cloud storage system.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Launched - A Titan for the masses

Nvidia has today launched the brilliant GeForce GTX 780 graphics card, offering segment leading performance in a monster gaming package!


CCL's bestselling Gaming PC is reduced for this weekend ONLY! A gaming PC that our customers have judged cream of the crop has got œ19.99 off. Perfect for playing all of the latest games like Battlefield 3, Sim City and World of Warcraft - this really is an offer you don't want to miss!

Apple MacBook Pro laptops updated, faster & cheaper!

Apple has recently dropped the pricing on its MacBook Pro notebooks while at the same time improving the specifications

Linux Ubuntu client Software released by Valve

Steam for Linux has finally come out of beta and has been officially launched by games behemoth Valve.

Corsair purchase Glasgow based network audio company Simple Audio

What could this mean for Corsair's product range in the future?

Photoshop v1.0.1 released free to everyone thanks to the Computer History Museum

The Computer History Museum has released with Adobe's permission the source code to 1989's vintage Photoshop

Google will pay Apple $1bn in 2014 to be their default internet search

Google is set to pay Apple $1bn to be the default internet search provider on iOS devices in 2014 a report from Morgan Stanley has indicated

CCL Elite Raven II Gaming PC wins Gold Award!

Barely a week after winning an Gold Award the Raven II has continued its unstoppable rise with a new award

Can it be true, no new GPUs from AMD for the majority of 2013?

Can it be true, no new GPUs from AMD for the majority of 2013?

Apple reported to be working on a curved glass iOS watch

Exciting times, yet another rumour of Apple moving into a new product category. The difference with this rumour is it might actually make sense...

Acer 27" Windows 8 Touchscreen Monitor - Due Tomorrow

With 10 point touch technology, full 1080P HD resolution and a fast 5ms response time this is the best Windows 8 Touchscreen available

Fractal Design announce Core 3000 USB 3.0 ATX Case

The Core 3000 has been one of the most highly awarded ATX cases of recent times, now with the addition of USB 3.0 it is set to be even better.

AMD release recommended settings for Crysis 3 beta with Catalyst 13.2 beta driver

AMD release a set of settings for its higher powered Radeon graphics cards to let users get the most out of the recently released Crysis 3 beta with their latest Crysis 3 beta optimised drivers.

Samsung Buys 5% of Wacom, maker of quality styluses and graphical tablets

Samsung has purchased 5% of Wacom, could this mean it is making an attempt to equip more of its tablets and smartphones with high quality styluses?

OCZ unveils new 750W & 850W Silencer MK III Power Supplies

OCZ Technology has announced two new power supplies making up the Silencer MKIII power supply range. With outputs of 750W and 850W the new range is aimed at gamers looking to power a high end gaming PC.

New entry-level range of Workstation PCs now available at CCL

Our ever popular range of Firestorm Workstation PCs has been updated to include the latest technology from our hardware partners.

CCL launch the brand new Elite Talon Gaming PC!

CCL launch their latest gaming PC, the Elite Talon for just £649.99 inc VAT! With a powerful Intel Core i7 CPU and AMD Radeon HD 7870 graphics card this is one powerful gaming PC!

The laptop Christmas gift buying guide 2012

If you are stuck for a present this Christmas there is still time to order from CCL, here are some of our best laptop offers this Christmas

Beginners Guide to Memory Cards

This guide covers the process of choosing the right memory card for your device and what the most common types of memory card are; from SD and Compact Flash to XD.

What is a controller card?

A brief explanation of what a controller card is and the features they offer

What is a Serial or Parallel Controller Card?

A brief introduction to Serial and Parallel Controller Cards

Optical Drive Buying Guide

This guide covers Optical Drives, a brief overview of the different types of media and what you need to look for when buying a new drive

How do I know which graphics card is right for me?

It is a tough question, but in this guide I hope to help you choose your perfect graphics card.

Operating System Buying Guide

This updated and improved guide covers all the major operating systems including the newly released Microsoft Windows 8 & Google's Chrome OS

A basic guide to network Routers

This basic guide covers the main types of Router and what key features to look at

Do floppy disk drives still have a place in a modern PC?

The essential question on everyone's lips this year. Or maybe not!

A basic introduction to Printers

This guide gives a basic overview of your options when purchasing a modern printer

Laptop Buying Guide

This updated guide covers what you need to know about the different laptop options currently available and how to pick the right one for you.

A beginners guide to USB Memory Sticks

This guide gives a very brief introduction in how to select your first USB Memory Stick

An introduction to UPS Battery Backup

This guide should give anyone interested in protecting their equipment with an UPS the basic grounding to make the right purchase

A basic introduction to Memory Card Readers

A card reader is a device which allows you to insert the memory cards used by devices such as Digital Cameras, Phones and games consoles into them to transfer data to and from your PC.

Desktop Memory Introductory Guide

This guide provides basic information on the often confusing world of desktop memory

Laptop Memory Introductory Guide

This guide provides basic information on the often confusing world of laptop memory

Introduction to Netbooks

A basic introduction into what a netbook is and what to look for in their specifications when making a purchase

Basic CCL Laptop Bag Information

This article covers what you need to know about laptop bags on CCL's online store

Basic CCL Replacement Laptop Battery Information

A basic overview of why you would consider purchasing a new or alternative laptop battery

Basic CCL Laptop Docking Station Information

This article gives a basic overview to the CCL laptop docking station range

Basic CCL Laptop Coolers and Stands Information

Basic information on Laptop Coolers and Stands

Roccat Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse Available Soon

German gaming peripheral maker Roccat have today announced the release of their brand new Lua tri-button gaming mouse

Acer shows off the brand new Revo RL80 Mini PC

Acer has today announced the latest addition to its renowned line of Revo mini PCs.

March 2013 launch for Microsoft Office iOS edition? Is an Android suite also in the making?

Fresh rumours have surfaced regarding the potential for Office iOS and Office Android.

HP blocks Windows 7 downgrades on their PCs, just one more reason you should buy a CCL PC!

HP's PC arm has announced that it is focusing so heavily on Windows 8 that they will not be providing driver support for customers looking to downgrade to Windows 7.

What is overclocking your CPU all about?

This guide briefly touches on what CPU overclocking is, what the benefits are and some of the potential risks, if you have heard overclocking being mentioned but never quite understood what it was then this is a great place to start your research

Beginners Guide to Power Supplies

This guide will give any reader the basic knowledge to comfortably go and purchase a new PSU that is a suitable unit for their PC. Remember more specific advice is available from our sales and technical teams both pre and post sales. Shutdown before it even started

Kim Dotcom's latest venture stumbles at the first hurdle with the domain revoked.

Mushkin Debuts the World's fastest 30GB mSATA SSD

Mushkin today have announced their latest Solid State Hard Drive in the form of a new 30GB Atlas Deluxe mSATA drive, scheduled to be available sometime next month.

Beginners Guide to Sound Cards

This guide aims to cover basic questions many customers have today over what a Sound Card is, what place it has in a modern system and why they should consider purchasing one.

Monitor Buying Guide

This guide covers the basic points to look at when you consider buying a new monitor

Why Buy an NVIDIA Powered Laptop Computer?

Tom gives us some of the beneficial features of using NVIDIA products and the impact they have on mobile computing

Win a GeForce GTX PC Designed by You

With the huge success of the popular Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti graphics card Nvidia has launched a promotion allowing you the chance to win one of five GeForce GTX 660 Ti SLi PCs that are geared up for gaming.

GeForce 306.02 Beta Drivers Add Ambient Occlusion Support to Top Titles

The brand new Nvidia Geforce 306.02 Beta Drivers are now available to download. They are recommended for players of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Darksiders 2, Guild Wars 2 and Mechwarrior Online.

PR: AMD Introduces Industry's Most Powerful Server Graphics Processors

AMD (NYSE: AMD) today launched the AMD FireProT S9000 and S7000, the industry's most powerful dual- and single-slot server graphics cards for compute, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and workstation graphics deployments in data centers.

A thank you from the CCL team to all those at Multiplay Insomnia 46

Tom expresses CCL's thanks to those who attended ths years i46

Dell set to release new Ultrasharp U2713HM 27" IPS Monitors

Before its scheduled launch details of the latest addition to Dell's Ultrasharp family of monitors have been leaked thanks to a mix-up on the company website's support and drivers section.

Windows 8 finalised with the RTM build being available on August 15th

Right on schedule Microsoft has reportedly finished the final build of Windows 8

About time, 1366 x 768 finally becomes the most popular screen resolution

After years of dominance 1024x768 finally gives up its dominance of PC resolutions

It is time to finally retire your faithful Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX

Arguably the greatest graphics card of all time is set to finally fall behind the pace of game development, after almost 6 years...

Nvidia GTX 680 launch, well done Nvidia - AMD take note

Tom (CCL Purchaser) muses over the success of Nvidia's GTX 680 and AMD's failings on product launches.

CCL Elite Hawk Gaming PC System Launched!

CCL have launched a new gaming system for œ399.97 inc VAT that plays the latest games at high settings! Amazing value for money and one not to be missed.