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Graphics Cards

£35 - £2,500
Chipset Manufacturer
AMD Radeon
Memory Size
1 GB - 24 GB
PCI-E Pin Type
Interface Type
VR Ready
GPU Length
115 mm - 340 mm
Card Width

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What is a Graphics Card?

A graphics card is responsible for displaying the image you seen on screen. The images are made up by thousands of tiny dots called pixels, on a high resolution screen the graphics card can be displaying millions of pixels. Originally at the start of the PC revolution the graphics card’s purpose was only to display the image on the screen. The amount of memory present on a graphics card was very small and was not needed to a great extent where the modern cards can have several gigabytes of memory onboard. The modern graphics card is capable of powering breathtaking games, displaying 3D perspectives that show characters leaping out of the screen, running 1080P Full HD video in all its glory and can accelerate non-3D applications using their amazing processing power.