Ducky Year of the Dog Special Edition USB Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Black Switches, RGB Illumination (UK Layout)

CCL Code: KBD1741
Manufacturer Code: DKYOTD2018-AUKPHAZT1
Manufacturer: Ducky
Ducky Year of the Dog Special Edition USB Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Black Switches, RGB Illumination (UK Layout)

Key Features:

  • Traditional Keyboard
  • USB Connection
  • Colour: Blue
  • Backlit / Illuminated
  • Cherry MX Black Keys


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Michael Chan who was invited to design the YOTD has been in the field of tattooing for 23 years and is known around the world as a tattoo savant. The theme of this keyboard is headlined by the Xiào tian quan from ancient oriental mythology, with images of brave troops, lotus flowers and ghost heads done in ukiyo-e style to compliment the mythical dog. Zinc alloy is used to make the top cover, giving the product a solid and dynamic exterior.

With a design so beautiful, the quality must also be great for the product to be special. Ducky has consistently  combined traditional art and modern technology together over the last several years, giving a sense of life, warmth and emotion to what is usually a soulless product.

Michael Chan

Chan has been in the tattoo field for over 23 years and served as a judge in many countries such as Thailand, Canada and China. He has a unique perspective on art and beauty. A tattoo is an art form for an individual to express what they feel are significant, profound and commemorative. His inspiration comes from his communication with customers. By understanding their personal story and beliefs, vivid and timeless designs can be created. When fashion is created through something that has a soul, it’s very possible that the end product is something unique and personalized.

German Made Key Switches

Ducky Year of the Dog offers a total of 6 different German Cherry MX RGB switches that have the life capacity of 50 million for each switch, a cross-shaped designed makes replacing keycaps easy.

Very Limited Quantity

Each keyboard has its individual number laser engraved, limited to only 2018 pieces.

Brand New Design

The brand new cutting edge design using Zinc alloy material. It is the most significant difference compared to the previous generation. With the PBT Dye-Sublimation tattoo keycaps, the YOTD’s style is unique.

PBT Dye-Sublimation Keycaps

Uses high quality PBT Dye-Sub keycaps to withstand different tasks and increase product lifespan.

Diversified LED Lighting Effect

Includes full backlit mode, breathe mode, color cycle mode, wave mode, rain drop mode and more. Added new light modes like Equalizer(EQ), Alpha and Tetris modes. User will be able to adjust the RGB backlit modes color and speed.

Hardware Palette Setting & LED Zone Customisation Mode

All keys represent a different color of the spectrum. With a simple press of the desired color, all the keys will automatically change to match. It also supports custom individually backlit key presets called customization modes that allow you to match certain keys to your favorite control schemes.

Advanced LED Technology

Uses 3528 SMD RGB LED, a bigger and brighter LED to enhance better LED performance.

3 Level Angle Adjustment

User will be able to optimize their desired position by using the adjustable stage feet or without. 

Keyboard Indicator Lights

To alert you when you press Number Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Locks, and Number Lock buttons. In addition all the keys will be lit during LED modes.

Detachable USB Type-C

This allows users to switch to their own shorter or a longer cable depending on how far away the computer is from their seating position. 

Anti-Ghosting Technology

Under USB, the keyboard can handle any number of simultaneous key presses with the option of N-key Rollover or 6-Key Rollover to support 6-keys at once.

Main Features

  • Dynamic cutting edge Zinc alloy design
  • PBT Dye-Sublimation tattoo keycaps
  • Detachable USB Type-C interface
  • German made Cherry MX RGB switches
  • Ducky's exclusive reactive mode and LED zone customization mode
  • Dual layer PCB
  • Uses 3528 SMD RGB LED, a bigger and brighter LED
  • We use back soldering LED to improve overall backlit performance
  • Added Equalizer(EQ) mode and two new light modes
  • Renewed the operate position of hardware
  • Ducky Macro 2.0, the most powerful hardware available in the market
  • DIP switches for FN position adjustment
  • Mouse control function

Ducky 2018 "Year of the Dog" with Michael Chan


Keyboard Layout UK QWERTY
Keyboard Technology Cherry MX Black Switches
Cable length 2 m
Backlit RGB


Keyboard Connector USB 3.0


Form Factor Keyboard
Colour Blue
Width 460 mm
Depth 134.87 mm
Height 38.1 mm
Weight 1.42 kg

Key Features

Usability Traditional
Illuminated Yes
Mechnical Key Type Cherry MX Black
Price (Bundles) 208.3
Wireless Network No
Connector Type USB
Display Model in Showroom No

Item Details

Manufacturer Ducky
Manufacturer Code DKYOTD2018-AUKPHAZT1
EAN 4713319662581
Condition New

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