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CCL Code: NOT01702|
Part Number: MD592B/B
|Manufacturer: Apple
CCL Code: NOT07988|
Part Number: IO006
|Manufacturer: Generic
CCL Code: NOT02056|
Part Number: SVA9M2NEUA
CCL Code: NOT08390|
Part Number: CHARGER-C77WUK
|Manufacturer: i-tec
CCL Code: NOT07608|
Part Number: 4X20M26276
|Manufacturer: Lenovo
CCL Code: NOT06946|
Part Number: 0B47483
|Manufacturer: Lenovo
CCL Code: NOT07575|
Part Number: MY1W2B/A
|Manufacturer: Apple
CCL Code: NOT08274|
Part Number: 4X20S56705
|Manufacturer: Lenovo
CCL Code: NOT07574|
Part Number: MX0J2B/A
|Manufacturer: Apple
Great Saving
CCL Code: NOT01697|
Part Number: MD506B/B
|Manufacturer: Apple
CCL Code: ACC1438|
Part Number: CF-LND1224A
|Manufacturer: Panasonic
CCL Code: NOT07977|
Part Number: PS24A120K2000BD
|Manufacturer: Generic
CCL Code: NOT08093|
Part Number: MBXUN-90W-AC0001
|Manufacturer: Generic
CCL Code: NOT07971|
Part Number: 01FR047
|Manufacturer: Lenovo
CCL Code: NOT08136|
Part Number: 02DL130
|Manufacturer: Lenovo

The great thing about laptops is that they can be used almost anywhere; although there is a downside. It only takes a moment of forgetfulness and it’s all too easy to lose your laptop’s charging cable. 

There must be plenty of laptop charging cables left behind in roadside cafes, bars, offices and other places… 

If that’s recently happened to you and you’re in need of a new laptop power supply, then you’re in the right place. Alternatively, maybe you regularly use your laptop in two different locations? Why not keep a charger in both places?

Explore this page and you’ll find a wide range of laptop chargers including models with multiple connectors, so you’ll be able to charge many different devices. 

Shop laptop chargers from leading laptop brands including Apple, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer and many more.