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Awesome Games Done Quick 2014

It is nearly upon us!

How the Saints Save Christmas - Saints Row IV DLC Review

It's Christmas, so why not sit back and relax while reading Dan's latest review

All I want for Christmas is....

Dave only wants one thing this year

Retro Review - Desert Strike (1992)

Get to the Chopper!!

Soulcalibur II HD - Review

A retro-ish review of HD re-release of Soulcalibur II

GAMDIAS Eros Headset Review

You may not have heard about GAMDIAS

Steam Christmas sale underway

Your wallet will never feel the same again....

CM Storm Quick Fire XT Keyboard - Review

It's Storm time again.

DayZ Standalone released as early access Steam title

Alpha release, so still a long way to go

Steam OS available to the masses

if your system meets the specs, you can download and install it now

CCL @ I50

Better late than never, here is Dan's look back at the last Insomnia event in Telford

OCZ reaches agreement with Toshiba

The path looks bright for the SSD manufacturer

Telltale announces Tales from the Borderlands

Hopefully this series will stand up to both publishers standards

In Win 904 Case Review

Another stylish case from In Win but is there more substance?

RGB backlit Cherry MX Keyboards on the horizon

My precious...

Humble Jumbo Bundle

Another collection of games; pay what you want

The biggest problem PC users face is set to be solved!

USB 3.1 cable will be smaller, better, faster, and more importantly reversible!

Han Solo's Blaster is set to be auctioned

Opening bids start at $200,000

Amazon to launch drone deliveries

Not in the UK just yet, but interesting all the more.



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