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Posts from November 2012

Day one at Insomnia 47 - Setup Day

Setup, stay up and work till it's done.

The conversation that changed my rendered world! Part 3

The meet, greet and drinks in the pub....

Games Worth A Lifetime: Part 4 - Platformers

The best games of our lifetime that deserve your attention.

Microsoft Considers UK Stores

with flagship store in London, but more to come!

Nintendo Ready to Launch Another Console

Wii Mini, leak first, announce later.... brings Windows 8 Support

Good Guy GOG keeps the good time rolling on new OS.

Socket LGA1150 Motherboards Details Surface

ECS Haswell details leaked.

Synology Disk Station 111 Review

Martin gets technical with network attached storage as he takes a look at this one disk wonder from Synology.

UKIE All Format Charts for Week Ending November 26th

Black Ups fends off a beating from Hitman.

Google Glass

The fun beings in 2014

New Milestone for SoC Chip Sales

Intel reaches 1 billion units sold of their mobile SoC chips.

Google's Maps Go Indoors

A year after its announcement Google's indoor maps seems to have taken off.

Microsoft in Interactive Augmented Reality

Having recently filed a patient for augmented reality glasses.

AMD's Steamroller for 2014

AMD reconsidering x86 CPU roadmap?

Next Xbox to Come in Two Flavors?

Could Microsoft have a light and a full fat edition of their next console?

The new WD Black Edition

Oh, it's only 4Tb by the way...

Sapphire Edge VS Series Mini PC

Two Trinity based Mini PCs announced

The End of Interchangeable Processors?

Are CPU's ready to be integrated with motherboards...

QPAD MK-50 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review

Mathew hits the keyswitches, not only to type out this review but to put the QPAD through its paces and give us some tactile feedback.

Retro Games of Today: Part 3

Grand theft pockets. Your money and your life.

The Dizzy Series Returns with Dizzy Returns (Subject to Kickstarter Funding)

The Oliver Twins hope to kick start the Dizzy franchise with new game in the classic series.

9 Year Old Pirates Music

Police raid home and take her Winnie the Pooh laptop!

GoldenEye: Reloaded Developer Sees Massive Job Cuts

Eurocom seems work force reduced to around 50 from 200 in restructure

Powercolor PCS+ HD 7870 Myst Edition

Tahiti LE GPU ready to rock.

Apple Ordered to Disclose Agreement With HTC

as ordered by US Judge in patent trials.

UK Government in Talks on Data Protection

and leading analysts debate pros and cons of data protection.

Roccat Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse Available Soon

German gaming peripheral maker Roccat have today announced the release of their brand new Lua tri-button gaming mouse

Basic CCL Laptop Coolers and Stands Information

Basic information on Laptop Coolers and Stands

Basic CCL Laptop Docking Station Information

This article gives a basic overview to the CCL laptop docking station range

Basic CCL Replacement Laptop Battery Information

A basic overview of why you would consider purchasing a new or alternative laptop battery

Basic CCL Laptop Bag Information

This article covers what you need to know about laptop bags on CCL's online store

Introduction to Netbooks

A basic introduction into what a netbook is and what to look for in their specifications when making a purchase

Laptop Memory Introductory Guide

This guide provides basic information on the often confusing world of laptop memory

Desktop Memory Introductory Guide

This guide provides basic information on the often confusing world of desktop memory

4K HDTV Via Thunderbolt

Gigabyte to support the resolution on their motherboards.

A basic introduction to Memory Card Readers

A card reader is a device which allows you to insert the memory cards used by devices such as Digital Cameras, Phones and games consoles into them to transfer data to and from your PC.

An introduction to UPS Battery Backup

This guide should give anyone interested in protecting their equipment with an UPS the basic grounding to make the right purchase

A beginners guide to USB Memory Sticks

This guide gives a very brief introduction in how to select your first USB Memory Stick

Installing and Configuring Microsoft Security Essentials

Stay safe while browsing online.

Laptop Buying Guide

This updated guide covers what you need to know about the different laptop options currently available and how to pick the right one for you.

22Cans Promises to Reinvent the God Sim Genre

and goes to Kickstarter to make their new god sim.

A basic introduction to Printers

This guide gives a basic overview of your options when purchasing a modern printer

Do floppy disk drives still have a place in a modern PC?

The essential question on everyone's lips this year. Or maybe not!

A basic guide to network Routers

This basic guide covers the main types of Router and what key features to look at

Operating System Buying Guide

This updated and improved guide covers all the major operating systems including the newly released Microsoft Windows 8 & Google's Chrome OS

Sony Stock Downgraded to Junk Status

Fitch downgrades Sony's stock after worries on economic and a strong Yen.

How do I know what Processor is right for me?

Choosing the right CPU or Processor for your machine can be tricky, in this brief guide you should gain the knowledge you need to make an informed decission

Steam Passes 50 Million Users

Sega VP of digital distribution states some interesting Steam figures.

How do I know which graphics card is right for me?

It is a tough question, but in this guide I hope to help you choose your perfect graphics card.

Beginners Guide to Motherboards

This guide covers the basics of hunting down the perfect motherboard and the key points you need to look for when choosing one

Optical Drive Buying Guide

This guide covers Optical Drives, a brief overview of the different types of media and what you need to look for when buying a new drive

What is a Serial or Parallel Controller Card?

A brief introduction to Serial and Parallel Controller Cards

What is a controller card?

A brief explanation of what a controller card is and the features they offer

Not all AMD partners will use Tahiti

Tahiti LE GPU not of interest?

16-Core SPARC Chips

Fujitsu and Oracle Discuss Chips at ISSCC.

Nintendo Wii Signs Off

Nintendo developed games are no more for the original Wii.

The conversation that changed my rendered world! Part 2

My views on gaming, gaming, and well, I guess, gaming.

Beginners Guide to Memory Cards

This guide covers the process of choosing the right memory card for your device and what the most common types of memory card are; from SD and Compact Flash to XD.

Age of Wulin Forums Now Open

Start your guild recruitment early!

IE10 Surprising Speed Results

Microsoft's IE10 obliterates 9 in speed tests.

TSMC moving to New York?

Semiconductor manufacturer could be going state side.

Busy 24 Hours for Publisher THQ

THQ enter forbearance as CFO leaves the company

Far Cry 3: Multiplayer Trailer

Hype keeps building for Ubisofts latest FPS.

Wii Oops and Wii U Has Technical Issues

Many users reporting bricked consoles after slow update.

No Plans for GTA: 5 PC Release.... Yet.

Rockstar's latest iteration in the Grand Theft Auto series "up for consideration" on the PC.

AMD Denies Cancellation of Kaveri

Next generation is still on its way.

Games Worth A Lifetime: Part 3 - Racing

The best games of our lifetime that deserve your attention.

The Day JellyBean Choked Santa

Don't worry about the Christmas shopping this year as JellyBean says we're not having a December.

Kickstarter Funding Record Broken

Star Citizen breaks the $6m barrier with cross funding.

iPad Mini Star of Giant Heist

$1.5 million worth of iPad minis stolen.

UKIE All Format Charts for Week Ending November 19th

Call of Duty takes the top honor away from Halo 4

Nintendo Release Statement to Allay User Fears

Nintendo 'mock up' menu sparks hack fears.

End of an Era for Intel CEO, Paul Otellini

After 40 years at Intel, Otellini plans to step down in May 2013.

THQ Face Court Action Over Copyright Infringement

THQ facing lawsuit over use of tattoo in UFC Undisputed 3.

Fresh Meat Added to Ongoing Patent Battle

Judge allows addition of iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 to patent case.

Google Fined a Record $22.5 Million

Google fined for illegally tracking users browsing trends.

Facebook Searches for Search Engine Alliance

Facebook in talks in Yahoo for integrated search.

Retro Games of Today: Part 2

A Syndicate Lottery... Not a winner

Cisco Acquires Cloud Based Company

Cisco pay $1.2 billion for cloud company Merkai.

Networking Buying Guide

A well connected home, but how?

Wireless Display Technology Makes Progress

Wireless WiGig DisplayPort Certification nears completion.

CoD Black Ops 2 has a Record Breaking 24 Hours

and smashes through $500m in just 24 hours.

Iiyama ProLite E2773HDS Monitor Review

A 27" gaming monitor you say? Set graphics to stun!

Free CryENGINE 3 SDK update

CryENGINE 3.4.3 takes Crytek's free engine tool to the next level.

Cooler Master HAF XB

LAN box and test bench come together at last.

Texas Instruments Job Cuts

1700 employees cut as they close up shop on OMAP.

Adobe Hack Confirmed

SQL injection exploit used to take down website.

eSports FTW!

DreamHack, Electronic Sports League & MLG Partner to Unify and Elevate eSports Globally.

AMD Catalyst 12.11 Beta 7

Bug fixes and performance improvements in abundance.

NVIDIA 310.54 Beta Drivers

Massive improvements for GTX 600 range cards.

Xbox Live, Rewards!

Microsoft celebrates 10 years of live with surprise prizes.

Wireless Draft "ac" is Out and About

Your 802.11n can kiss my 802.11ac

Sharp Finds Knight In Shining Armour

Intel injects much needed cash into the electronic giant.

Xbox Gamer Research

It's a pack of lies I tell you!

Unity 4.0 Launches

Latest edition of multi-platform engine and tools out now.

Toshiba Plant Recovered From Floods

Chip manufacturing resumes in Thailand.

Dropbox Celerates 100 Million Users

Launches free storage contest to mark the event.

A Multipurpose 3DMark

Benchmark Windows, Android and iOS with the next installment of 3DMark.

Wii U Deluxe Sells Beyond Expectations

Wii-U pre-order sales has Nintendo astonished.

CCL are heading to Multiplay's Insomnia 47 for More Multiplayer Madness

*singing* The CCL team are packing their bags and are off to LAN for the servers.

Worlds Fastest Super Computer

Cray's Titan take the top spot.

Lord of the Wrong

Demo disc only in retail copies of Lego Lord of the Rings.

Halo 4 Review

Diving into the first Halo title from 343i.

Intel Announces First Xeon Phi

High-Performance Computing Xeon Phi 3100 and 5110P.

Star Trek Online Season 7

Latest update "New Romulus" Launches and with it brings high-level content.

PlayStation Vita Update 2.00

and PlayStation Plus now available!

NVIDIA Tesla K20

GK110 Chip with 2688 Stream Processors.

NAS Buying Guide

A rundown of options to store your life on.

Games Worth A Lifetime: Part 2 - Action And Adventure

The best games of our lifetime that deserve your attention.

Intel's NUC Barebone Kits

Systems to ship in December for $300-500

Intel's Core i7-3970X

Intel's new flagship CPU is here at last.

Microsoft's Head of Windows Division Resigns

Guru Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft under rumours of feud...

Halo 4 Sets Sales Record

Entertainment history made eith $220 Million global sales in 24 hours.

Ducky Dragon Mechanical Keyboard Review

Peter fearlessly faces the stylish dragon keyboard.

Intel ULV CPUs

New Intel Core i3-3227U and Core i5-3337U detailed.

McAfee Pioneer Wanted For Murder

Antivirus creator wanted for Belize slaying in Belize!

AMD announce additions to the FirePro S range

New high performance cards could signal a flood of new supercomputers.

Gartner figures show European PC market in decline

Volumes were lower this summer ahead of big tech releases.

UKIE All Format Charts for Week Ending November 12th

Master Chief takes this weeks number one spot, obviously.

Retro Games of Today: Part 1

Long lost, found and lost again Civilization.

AMD FirePro S10000

Latest Dual Tahiti server and workstation graphics card announced.

Guild Wars 2 Update

Brings a mini-expansion of new content heralded by massive one-time in-game event.

AMD Price Cuts (Again)

APU & Athlon II range see big reductions.

NVIDIA's 28nm Yields Improved

GPU manufacturing taking a turn for the better.

Is Samsung Seeking Revenge On Apple?

Samsung raises the price of their chips supplied to Apple by 20%

THQ Default On Loan Payment

THQ have missed a payment on their $50m loan from Wells Fargo

Kinect Is Watching You

I'm sorry Dave, but I can't let you all watch this film...

Microsoft Confirms No DX11.1 Support For Windows 7

Windows 8 only for DirectX 11.1 as Windows 7 gets no love.

TV Tuner Buying Guide

The PC add-in card you never knew you needed.

CCL Elite Zeus II Overclocked Motherboard Bundle Review

Martin takes a look at one of our best selling overclocked bundles the Zeus II.

Kingston HyperX 3K SSD

Kingston's HyperX 3K SSD delivers high-speed SATA Rev. 3.0 (6Gb/s) performance.

Kingston Hyper X Genesis

Kingston's HyperX Genesis sets the standard in high-performance memory.

Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 3.0

DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB Flash drive combines extreme speed with high capacity.

Kingston Hyper X Predator

Kingston HyperX Predator memory features fast speeds, low latencies and high capacities.

Value and mainstream desktop PCs still dominate the market, says survey

Affordable computers are becoming more powerful.

LG announce new 29-inch monitor, although don't tell us when to expect it

Hands-on reports suggest image quality is pretty out of this world, though

Beginners Guide to Power Supplies

This guide will give any reader the basic knowledge to comfortably go and purchase a new PSU that is a suitable unit for their PC. Remember more specific advice is available from our sales and technical teams both pre and post sales.

What is overclocking your CPU all about?

This guide briefly touches on what CPU overclocking is, what the benefits are and some of the potential risks, if you have heard overclocking being mentioned but never quite understood what it was then this is a great place to start your research

HP blocks Windows 7 downgrades on their PCs, just one more reason you should buy a CCL PC!

HP's PC arm has announced that it is focusing so heavily on Windows 8 that they will not be providing driver support for customers looking to downgrade to Windows 7.

March 2013 launch for Microsoft Office iOS edition? Is an Android suite also in the making?

Fresh rumours have surfaced regarding the potential for Office iOS and Office Android.

Acer shows off the brand new Revo RL80 Mini PC

Acer has today announced the latest addition to its renowned line of Revo mini PCs.

Apple Working On A New iPad Mini

Seems Mini is the in thing, apparently.

NVIDIA Breaks Personal Record

Record revenue, with a little help from Tegra.

Borderlands 2 for Mac!

Apple fans not to be left out of the vault hunting epidemic.

AMD Roadmap Leaked

Steamroller delayed, but Kabini is ready to rock.

Mass Effect 4 On The Way

BioWare has begun to design next game in series.

THQ Struggling To Survive

Poor financials and the poor sales of Darksiders II put THQ in trouble.

Can you play Halo 4 on your PC? Yes, sort of

You'll need a VGA cable and a crap TV to make it worthwhile

Thermalright announces new 145mm fan-based cooler for thin gaming rigs

Thin is in, so the new fan cooler is ideal for 90 per cent of desktops.

Beginners Guide to Sound Cards

This guide aims to cover basic questions many customers have today over what a Sound Card is, what place it has in a modern system and why they should consider purchasing one.

Mushkin Debuts the World's fastest 30GB mSATA SSD

Mushkin today have announced their latest Solid State Hard Drive in the form of a new 30GB Atlas Deluxe mSATA drive, scheduled to be available sometime next month. Shutdown before it even started

Kim Dotcom's latest venture stumbles at the first hurdle with the domain revoked.

Apple Patenting Nonsense, Again

This time they've patented a rectangle.

AMD Linux Dev Lab Closes

Linux Kernal Development stopped in a bid to reduce operating costs.

MEATliquor Zombie Diner For CoD Launch

If you like meat, Call of Duty: Black Ops and zombies, you're in luck!

Assassin's Creed 3 sells 3.5m units ahead of PC release

Ubisoft franchise earns rave reviews and PC release is imminent.

NVIDIA announces improved Linux support as Steam beta also debuts on the platform

Linux gamers get a double dose of treats today.

CCL Guide: Updating NVIDIA Display Drivers

CCL-Tech's newest author Josh takes us through updating our drivers for our NVIDIA based graphics cards.

ToeJam & Earl Out Now

Original + ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron Now Available for Digital Download.

Q3 Sales Of x86 Take A Downturn

Intel gains more ground on AMD

An Xbox Tablet?

Is the Xbox Surface Tablet in development?

Games Worth A Lifetime: Part 1 - RPG

The best games of our lifetime that deserve your attention.

Windows Messenger Coming To An End

Microsoft confirms that the software will be retired next year.

Details On Bungie's Post Halo Project Begin To Surface

Halo 4 lands on our consoles, but Bungie's next project is the cherry on top.

Windows 8 apps are backed by business, says Microsoft

Global brands are embracing the Windows Store

Microsoft set to switch Live Messenger for Skype, says sources

Announcement could be made early next week.

Corsair Announces New Flagship Hydro Series Liquid CPU Coolers

New Hydro Series H100i and H80i

Guild Wars 2 PC Review

Has NCsoft brought new life to the MMORPG genre?

Large Number Of Android Apps Found To Pose Serious Security Threats

Studies find that over 100,000 apps on the Google Play app store access sensitive information.

Halo 4 Takes To The Skies Of London

Huge structure flown over the cities skyline for games official launch.

Sharp In Serious Trouble

Company warns that it is close to collapse.

Raven At Work On An FPS Title For Next Gen Hardware

Details still unclear, but the studio is definitely cooking something.

New 23" Touch Screen Monitor From LG

Multi-touch Windows 8 compatible monitor coming soon.

iPad Mini Autopsy

Apple's newest device stripped and analysed.

Bethesda releases new Skyrim DLC teaser

A return to Morrowind could be on the cards for gamers.

Grand Theft Auto 5 pre-order bonuses revealed, although no PC release date confirmed

The sure-to-be-bestseller is getting closer, but no details for PC gamers yet.

UKIE All Format Charts For Week Ending November 5th

Assassin's Creed III take the spot it so rightly deserves.

Monitor Buying Guide

This guide covers the basic points to look at when you consider buying a new monitor

Work hard, game hard with the new Wikipad

Wikipad release delayed, but 'work hard, game hard' console will soon be on the shelves.

US looks to recruit 'patriotic' cyber security experts

US Department of Homeland Security looks to hire patriotic cyber security experts to call upon in the event of a crippling cyber attack.

Britain Is A Nation Of GOOFS?

According to a Gadget Show survey were all Gadget Obsessed.

Tablet PC Buying Guide

Developer Campaign for Windows 8

Microsoft wants to tackle the lack of apps in Windows 8.

Why Did Apple Remove Optical Drives From The Mac?

The big A defends why they chose to remove ODD's from Macs.

Seagate Technology To Ship Their 2nd Billionth Hard Drive.

Hard drive manufacturer reaches the big 2000000000.

2nd Gen PS4 Dev Kits Shipping to Devs

Said to be built upon AMD A10 APU

OCZ Reduces Staff Numbers

Company aims to be more profitable and efficient.

Halo Series Has Sold 46 Million Copies

Microsoft flexes the statistics prior to Halo 4 launch.

No New EA IP For This Console Generation

EA saving new games for next gen consoles.

4 Million Windows 8 Upgrades Sold In 3 Days

This years tech hype off to a steady start

New Asetek Liquid Coolers Announced

Forth generation sealed loop coolers detailed

Borderlands 2 characters might need a flu jab

A video game virus seems to be killing off characters in the popular Xbox 360 game.

Liechtenstein transformed for Halo 4 launch party

The principality was given a dystopian feel for an immersive launch party on Halloween night.

Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe mITX Review

Asus prove that size really isn't everything with this powerhouse of a Z77 Mini-ITX board.

Game Connection Europe 2012

Top Names On Show In Paris - November 28-30.

NZXT Releases The Kraken!

World's first 140mm / 280mm all-in-one liquid cooling solution.

Intel Launch New Range of SSD's

Intel SSD 355 features new 20nm NAND chips.