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Bring the magic of the movies into your home with a projector. Or present in style at your next business meeting with one of CCL’s range of projectors - ideal for home or office use. 

Our range of projectors includes models with HDMI or VGA connections, 3D projectors, wireless projectors, and 1080p projectors. 

There are three main types of projector technology - DLP projectors, LCD projectors and LED projectors, all of which you’ll find here at CCL. 

DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors contain an array of microscopic mirrors that tilt either toward or away from the light source to create a light or dark pixel on the screen. There are two different types of DLP projectors - single-chip and three-chip versions. 

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projectors work by using three liquid crystal panels in combination with a prism, lamp and filters to create images on a screen.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) projectors use LEDs as a light source rather than a bulb. A series of red, green and blue LEDs are used to create images on a screen.

Get your next projector project started with CCL today. 

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