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AMD FSR Gains Momentum With Developers

AMD's FSR technology is a hit with developers, being adopted in top games and impressing the pants off reviewers. Can Intel or Nvidia still squeeze out AMD?


FSR Gains Momentum With Developers - 70+ Titles Promised


AMD love open source technology, and FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), being open source, is supported by some older graphics cards and even Nvidia cards. Nvidia's DLSS, which is restricted to RTX only, lost some of the limelight to FSR once it was released, with many gamers and developers seeing it as a much more dev friendly alternative, and though functionally different - a viable alternative.

Unity and Unreal both have built-in support for FSR, so this fast-tracks any compatibility for modern developers, and the actual technology even lends itself to an easier development path. For instance, Nvidia's technology uses an AI-based temporal upscaling method, where FSR does a similar job using spatial upscaling with no artificial intelligence. From a developmental perspective, this makes it easier to implement in games, and both indie & AAA studios love a way to speed up their timeline.

After just six months, the list of games supporting FSR is constantly growing, with AMD promising 70+ titles on their blog:

The holiday season is here, and I am sure we’re all looking forward to getting some time off to rest and recharge, and more importantly, indulge in our favorite pastime, gaming. But along with celebrating the holidays, we here at AMD would also like to take the time to celebrate another significant day – the 6-month anniversary of the launch of AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR). (2) And to go along with that celebration, we have an amazing gift for gamers — the gift of more performance (3) in over 70 available and coming soon games, all thanks to FSR.
Today’s anniversary is a significant milestone for FSR, as in only half a year, our latest AMD FidelityFX technology has garnered support from over 80 game developers and publishers and is available now in 47 games and 24 upcoming games. Because of this broad and rapid support, FSR has become the fastest adopted software gaming technology in AMD History!




Intel Making Waves

Coming soon to a gaming build near you are the new Intel graphics cards, which will further add to the upscaling technology with their XeSS technology, which is also based on AI methodology and makes it somewhat more comparable to DLSS rather than FSR. In Intel's favour, however, unlike DLSS, XeSS will work on some competing graphics cards, making both FSR and DLSS.

What is Intel XeSS?

Intel XeSS, or "Intel Xe Super Sampling", uses spatial and temporal data for image upscaling, relying heavily on AI. Intel says you can expect up to a 2x performance boost with Intel XeSS, also allowing systems with less powerful hardware run games at 4K, where they would be normally limited to 1080p resolution and low settings.

This as a tagline on its own makes XeSS an extremely highly anticipated technology in 2022.

FSR Supported Games

With titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, Far Cry 6, Resident Evil Village, Godfall, F1 2021, Deathloop and God of War supporting FSR, this gives AMD good grounds to be optimistic about the adoption continuing to grow exponentially. 2022 will be the year of gaming if the GPU mining news is anything to go by, and a three-way technology race for upscaling can only spell good news for gamers with both old and new cards.