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Halo Infinite Beta is opened to everyone this weekend

Last weekend's technical test kicked off for Halo insiders, but the upcoming test this weekend is open to everyone... with insider friends.

A Spartan from Halo Infinite with the Watchdog Armour coating.

Image Courtesy of 343 Industries


Last week’s technical test weekend of Halo Infinite was a great kick off to the back-to-back test weekends ahead ofHalo Infinite’s launch on December 8th. The second weekend is almost ready to begin, and this time around Halo is inviting everyone. Sort of...

You don’t need to be a Halo Insider to participate in this weekend's technical test, but you do need an Insider friend with a code to join in if you’re on PC. Judging by the Xbox Insider’s Tweets however, anyone who signs up with Halo Insider now can get a code to join in.



If you’re on the Xbox and you’d like to join now, you can! If you haven’t already, you can install the Xbox Insider Hub from the Microsoft Store and register before the test weekend.

As this week will introduce and test12 v 12 Big Team Battles, 343 Industries have removed the test trial’s Insider requirement for this week’s test.

This is great news if you are an Xbox gamer, but a bit of a pain if you’re on the PC. If you were part of the last week’s technical test on the PC, you should soon be getting an invite code (if you haven’t already), however if not you will need an Insider friend to send you one.

This might be frustrating to some PC gamers who either do not own an Xbox console or do not have any insider friends. In addition, the invite system is a bit clunky.

Brian Jarrad, the Community Director for Halo, stated that the devs are looking for ways to get even more players in, making us hopeful that the test becomes open for pretty much anyone willing to join in.



The test runs so far have been extremely fun and enjoyable, something many technical tests don’t tend to be due to a number of things that sometimes tend to go wrong, such as server issues, spawns (I’m looking at you, Vanguard) or other very obvious and jarring bugs.

We’d recommend getting into the action if you’re a fan of Halo, as this weekend’s test will be much bigger and much more exciting with even more people joining in than the previous weekend.

In addition to more players participating, the test will receive new maps and modes, with the very final line up consisting of Capture the Flag, Total Control, Slayer, Slayer for Big Team Battle, as well as Strongholds for Social Arena and Capture the Flag.

At the E3 Xbox and Bethesda showcase earlier this year, it was confirmed that Halo infinite will release with completely free-to-play Multiplayer for Xbox and PC that will run at 120FPS.

The official launch is two months away but, if like us you can’t wait till then to get in on the action, the upcoming technical test weekend is a perfect time to do so, especially since everyone is invited this time around.

You can even take some of your progress over to the full game: if you complete 10 matches during the test, you will receive a special emblem for your Spartan at launch.

See you on the ground, Spartans!