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What is NAS?

NAS helps keep your most precious moments in a safe and secure location. It is the ultimate media centre, allowing you to stream all of your favourite videos to any TV or mobile device.


Where do we start to ensure our data is safe nowadays? There are many ways of making sure your data is safe and easy to access or to perform many backups. One of the best ways we have found is using a NAS, which is easy to set up from start to finish. Why do you or your family need one you ask? This is simply because instead of having multiple external hard drives dotted around the house you will only have a single unit in one location.

Is your phone or laptop running out of space due to having a lot of photos? We understand that the constant challenge of having numerous photos kept on your cameras, scattered across different devices and services can become difficult to manage. To consolidate these files into one safe place, you need a secure and centralised storage solution.


"Wait, don’t Google Drive and Dropbox already do that? Can’t USB drives solve all my storage problems?"


The major drawbacks of storing files on the public cloud are letting someone else hold all your personal files and high monthly subscription fees. The shortcomings of USB drives range from a lack of off-site access and automatic backup to portability that can lead to loss or damage.



What Can a Synology NAS Do for You?


Back up PC and Mac automatically

The great thing about this simple solution from Synology is that it is free to use at no extra costs. Drive allows your family or workplace to sync all files between a centralised NAS and their PC/Mac.

Drive has great support for allowing you to restore previous versions and sharing files directly from a local computer to maximise efficiency. If you are using a Mac, you can Back up your Mac to Synology NAS via Time Machine™.


Photo and video backup for iOS and Android

Synology thought about their customers first when trying to look for those important photos on their NAS units, so any photo or video that is taken on mobile phones can be backed up automatically to one safe and secure place on your NAS with Moments. The great benefit with Moments™ is that anyone who has authorised access on your NAS can share their important moments with others in a shared location or another great feature is it will automatically group together similar faces, places and subjects with the power of AI technology.



NAS as the ultimate media streamer

We all know that watching films at home is becoming more apparent nowadays, Synology has made this easy to do which will allow you to stream to any computer, mobile device, Apple TV™ and Android TV™ without have to copy or download them between devices? Video Station streams videos to these devices. It also enriches your video collections with auto-downloaded posters, searches subtitles from the Internet, and lets you share videos with friends.


Seagate IronWolf™ Health Manager

Seagate IronWolf Health Management (IHM) proactively monitors drive health and provides automatic alerts to potential issues through the NAS OS, focusing on three key capabilities - prevention, intervention and recovery. This built in software works closely with Synology's Storage manager tool with Synology’s DSM.

Synology’s storage manager will alert you of any critical data loss or catastrophic failures. In the event of fatal failures, by having access to Seagate Data Recovery Services, this ensures a secure environment for data recovery. When IronWolf or IronWolf Pro hard drives are integrated into compatible NAS systems, the overall system reliability increases due to constant monitoring and user alerts.

Prevention: Monitoring the user environment and recommended preventative actions to enable a superior NAS experience 

Intervention: Analysing hundreds of parameters to recommend backup ahead of catastrophic data loss events  

Recovery: In the event of fatal failures, by having access to Seagate Data Recovery Services, included with IronWolf Pro for2-years, ensures a secure environment for data recovery  

This close collaboration between Seagate and Synology offers other benefits: Should Drive damage occurs, your customers can utilize the seamless linkage within the UI to Seagate® Rescue and Recovery plans, ensuring their complete peace  of mind when using IronWolf™ HDD in Synology NAS enclosures.



Using NAS is easy and budget-friendly

Synology provides various time-saving services. Simply apply for a QuickConnect ID, which allows handy access to your NAS and free you from complicated router settings. The intuitive user interface and comprehensive tutorials also help you easily manage your NAS.

Tired of upgrading your public cloud storage plans? Synology NAS provides a much larger storage space without monthly subscription fees. Just share its storage space with family members – a small investment that’s going to benefit the whole household.