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CCL Code: RAM1447|
Part Number: TS1GCF133
|Manufacturer: Transcend
CCL Code: RAM1449|
Part Number: TS8GCF133
|Manufacturer: Transcend
CCL Code: RAM1813|
Part Number: TS16GCF1000
|Manufacturer: Transcend
CCL Code: BAK8432|
Part Number: SDCFXSB-032G-G46
|Manufacturer: SanDisk
CCL Code: BAK8433|
Part Number: SDCFXSB-064G-G46
|Manufacturer: SanDisk
CCL Code: BAK8486|
Part Number: SDCFE-064G-GN4NN
|Manufacturer: SanDisk
CCL Code: BAK8424|
Part Number: SDCFSP-064G-G46D
|Manufacturer: SanDisk
CCL Code: BAK8425|
Part Number: SDCFSP-128G-G46D
|Manufacturer: SanDisk
CCL Code: BAK8426|
Part Number: SDCFSP-256G-G46D
|Manufacturer: SanDisk
CCL Code: BAK8488|
Part Number: SDCFE-256G-GN4NN
|Manufacturer: SanDisk
CCL Code: BAK8427|
Part Number: SDCFSP-512G-G46D
|Manufacturer: SanDisk
CCL Code: BAK8489|
Part Number: SDCFE-512G-GN4NN
|Manufacturer: SanDisk

What is a Compact Flash Card

Often referred to as a CompactFlash card, a very small removable mass storage device that relies on flash memory technology, a storage technology that does not require a battery to retain data indefinitely. CompactFlash cards can support 3.3V and 5V operation and can switch between the two, in contrast to other small-form factor flash memory cards that can only operate at one voltage. There are two types of CompactFlash cards to accommodate different capacities: Type I cards are 3.3mm thick while Type II cards are 5.5mm thick. The card was designed based on the PCMCIA PC Card standard and can fit into a PCMCIA slot with an adapter.

CompactFlash applications include PDAs, cellular phones, digital cameras and photo printers.

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