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Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - 32-Bit DVD (OEM)

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - 32-Bit DVD (OEM)

It's the Windows you know, only better!
Due to hardware advances we recommend the 64-bit version of this software, as it will provide better performance and support.
CCL Code: SFT0635
Part Number: FQC-08969
Manufacturer: Microsoft

The operating system is the heart of the way you interact with your computer; it provides the bridge between the physical components in your computer and the programs you use to complete tasks on your computer. The operating system allows all software compatible with it to interface and uses the components in the computer.

Without an operating system you would not be able to use your computer as no programs, applications, games or utilities would be able to be installed and run, your PC would just display a blank screen waiting for an operating system to be applied.