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CCL Code: NOT06613|
Part Number: MNX-SWXB-10FN-R1
|Manufacturer: Cooler Master

Excess heat is one of the primary reasons for impaired performance on your laptop. 

Whether you’re using your laptop for gaming, work or leisure, it pays to invest in a good-quality laptop cooling stand. 

Not only will keeping your laptop cool improve its performance, it’ll also extend the life of crucial components. Laptop cooling stands tend to be divided into two categories; those that passively cool the laptop using cut outs and other openings allowing air flow, and those that actively cool laptops using fans.

When it comes to laptop cooling pads you have a large number of choices including models with adjustable fan speeds, LED lights, and adjustable viewing angles. Models such as Cooler Master’s laptop stand even go so far as to include multiple additional USB ports and can support large gaming laptops up to 17 inches in size.

Aside from cooling stands, CCL also stocks regular laptop stands too. These have a number of uses - from creating a more ergonomic working position, to giving somewhere to put your laptop when you’re working on a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse. 

Explore our laptop cooling pad and laptop stand range and you’ll also find other handy items such as copyholders which will enable you to quickly and easily type up hard copy documents.

So make sure you’ve got the coolest laptop around by shopping for laptop coolers from Cooler Master, Kensington, Targus, 3M, Zalman, StarTech and many more now.